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At the end of Bush (and McCain as the candidate), the GOP had only 41 Senate seats; now they have 50.

GOP had 178 House seats; now they have 213.

Had 24 Governors; now 26.

Had full control of 14 legislatures; now they have control of 29.

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2020 would end even better for the GOP if not for the non-Trump wing of the GOP undermining and undercutting their party the last 4 years just to own Trump.
A week ago, @ForecasterEnten wrote that no POTUS since Hoover went from having all 3 (WH, House, Senate) to losing all 3 of them in one term.

This makes Trump sound a historic electoral failure when in fact he is among the winners; especially on the GOP side. For example:
GOP Ike lost the House/Senate after 2 years; Nixon, Ford and Bush Sr never had the House or Senate; Reagan never had the House; Dole, McCain and Romney never won in the first place🤣

Trump at least won the WH; had the House half his time and Senate in full.

Bush Jr. did better.
The shape in which recent presidents left their parties politically when leaving the WH:

50 Trump
46 Obama
41 Bush Jr.
50 Clinton
43 Bush Sr.
45 Reagan
46 Carter
38 Ford

212 Trump
194 Obama
178 Bush
212 Clinton
176 Bush Sr.
175 Reagan
243 Carter
143 Ford
Among the last 8 presidents (starting with GOP Ford in 1976) Trump is leaving his party with the most seats in the House except for Carter and the most seats in the Senate except for being tied with Clinton. (See details above).

Politically, Trump was a boon for the GOP.
LBJ is the last POTUS to leave his party with more seats in the House and in Senate than what Trump is leaving the GOP with.

All presidents since then, left with less seats in one chamber or in both; except for “popular” Clinton who left with the SAME in House/Senate as Trump!
You won’t know this from reading @JimVandeHei, @ForecasterEnten et al but when Clinton left the White House, the Dems were in the same political shape as the GOP is now:

Out of WH

50 seats in the Senate

212 in the House

Clinton was way more popular than Trump.
The propaganda articles as to how “bad” Trump is leaving the GOP, pretends that Trump is worse than Dole, McCain, Romney who never won even 1 term or that president who never even had the House or Senate are better because they never lost it.
Trump lost the House after 2 years and the Senate after 4.

Want some comparisons?


Nixon, Ford, Bush Sr. never had either!

Eisenhower and Clinton lost both after 2 years.

Obama lost the House after 2 years.

Trump’s record meets or beats most recent presidents.
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