There's are two competing narratives growing in the well informed crypto world, that are very dearly held by a minority...each a very loud minority:

1. $BTC maximalism
2. $ETH will flippen BTC

Some thoughts on why this will not resolve soon
BTC maximalism is a rational reaction from bitcoiners who were either scammed of their early BTC by bad projects (mostly PoW) or just lost money vs BTC.

In the world of Proof of Work, I tend to agree with BTC maxis that one chain should rule them all.
It takes a lot of work and energy to keep a chain protected from 51% attacks, and many smaller PoW projects are now routinely attacked. Hash power is easy to capture and redirect on double spends. ETC has been a victim more than once.
Where BTC Maxis absolutely whiff, however, is the idea that other consensus mechanisms such as Proof of Stake can be as secure (or more) than PoW.

Yes, PoS is not as battle tested as PoW. But the gap is closing, and the honeypot is growing to BILLIONS of dollars.
The presence of a simple narrative on why BTC works, how it solved the internet cash problem FIRST, and the billions sunk into it means many investors will continue to find it a worthwhile investment for decades.

BTC isn't going to die in any meaningful way in my lifetime.
The other major narrative, that ETH will flippen BTC (and likely become the center of Web 3.0), focuses on the fact that ETH's expressiveness gives it a completely different use case than BTC.

Flippening watchers believe that use case gives it greater market potential than BTC.
Gold bugs who love BTC because they're gold bugs will remain BTC maxis.

Technologists who love crypto because of programming will embrace protocol upgrades, composability, expressiveness, and all that ETH offers.

These are two very different tribes.
Neither tribe knows the future.

Bitcoin's narrative is easy to grok and sell to Wall Street.

Bitcoin's simplicity could save it if a major The DAO level bug is found on Ethereum.

Or, it could bury it. If Bitcoin stagnates and the market finds it useless, it will lose.
Beware anyone who states with certainty which will happen. Ultimately, nobody knows at this point.

We can make bets depending on the risk/reward we see, but only time will tell if either chain will dominate the other, or if they'll coexist.
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