1/5: Many people think @elonmusk is smart until he steps into their area of expertise & pretends to be an expert. They then realize he is only a pretengineer.

@TESLAcharts calls this "the realization". Here's Musk stepping into something I know a bit about: $TSLAQ $TSLA
2/5: On compiling software, Elon had this "smart" idea: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1314666526297923585

Everyone even remotely familiar with the field knows he does not understand what he is talking about. He suggests "improvements" that have been in place for decades. See https://twitter.com/fraudalot/status/1314971749575000064
3/5: On Signal's performance issues, Elon's brilliant insight was "Your server-side code is doing too much". That's a trivial statement that isn't helpful or indicate any understanding of the issues involved. See https://twitter.com/fraudalot/status/1350391505819758595 .
4/5: If you understand software engineering and still believe @elonmusk is smart, read those two tweets of his. You'll see that he pretends to offer "advice" to experts, but in reality has no insight to contribute.

Only his riches and thin skin protect him from being called out.
5/5: I'd like to say that this was my realization, but that wouldn't be true.

When Elon faked the $420 buyout, I started looking and understood that he's fake. Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of how corporate deals are done could see the writing on the wall.
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