So why am I so keen on lateral flow testing (rapid Ag tests)?? 👇
This is because they are the first step to STOP the transmission of #COVID19.
We know by now that about 1/3 of those infected with #COVID19 never develop symptoms 👉 they are NOT tested.

So even if ALL those who develop symptoms are tested we will ALWAYS be behind the virus if we continue this way.
To keep the #COVID19 epidemic under control we do need a new test strategy NOW.

We need to eradicate the virus from every corner of our society - schools, offices, trains, care homes, hospitals etc.

We can do this by regular mass testing.
Lateral Flow Tests are quick, cheap and can be repeated several times a week.

We know it catches those who are MOST infectious.

It doesn't catch all, but it doesn't matter as long as we continue testing, testing, testing.
I know this is a new way of thinking about tests.

But sit back and think about it. If everybody around you are tested twice a week - what is the likelihood that you are going to catch #COVID19?
With regular MASS testing we can get our normal live back again!

It is not straight forward, but it is possible.
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