here's an embarrassing story.

in 98, i worked for an internet startup while in HS, it was my first job. and, we were obsessed with google when they first launched and they had a store where you could order swag from, so my car in 98 had a google sticker and i had a shirt.
so, i had this google bumper sticker and it was super cool and i had this google shirt that just had the google logo on the front and on the back it said "I'm feeling lucky" because that was the big google thing then
well, i've always had super high anxiety for most of my life and well, it turns out that all of those problems came from gluten and shit but i didn't know it then, so i would get super nervous all the time and i would sweat A LOT, i was constantly nervous
so, i got used to, in any formal situation, wearing an undershirt, but i didn't really OWN any proper undershirts. i also never thought i would go to the senior prom either (in Nov 99) because i was sort of just a phish-burnout-type. but, i was invited to the prom by someone.
so, getting ready for the prom i put on a suit and for an undershirt (you can see where this is going) i put on my google shirt, because, it was my favorite white shirt.
...and, it got hot in there, and so, i took off my jacket and was in shirtsleeves. but, as you would expect, my dress shirt was transparent enough that everyone in the entire auditorium could see that on my back it said:

"I'm feeling lucky."
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