This Nidhi Razdan+Harvard thing is weird. From all indications it seems like she did go to Boston last year in preparation for her new job. This throw up some questions.

For instance, how did she get the correct documents for her US visa?

Usually, an employer (Harvard in this case) must prepare documents and collect information to be sent to the USCIS. Consular officers will be able to look them up instantaneously and verify that all the information is correct. Any issues and the visa is rejected.

Here are the possibilities (sure some of them are crazy and sound like conspiracy theories):
1. She actually got an offer, got her visa and went over but then something happened (someone interfered?) and Harvard pulled back

2. Someone from inside Harvard faked the documents that were sent to her but this doesn't explain how she got the visa (and that documentation being correct).

3. She already had a visa/green card etc. and didn't need a new one so she was able to travel to Boston. But an employment visa is very different from a travel/tourist one so it would have been weird for her to go there, that too *in the middle of a pandemic*!

If she had traveled to Boston with whatever (other visa, green card) then didn't she speak to someone in the department/university/etc. when she got there?

4. She lied about the job and traveled to Boston on other visa/green card (or never went to Boston at all) and now got caught. But why would a veteran journalist do something like to risk her credibility and career?

Something smells fishy (yes, pun intended)!

Of course I thought of one more case after I closed the thread! 🙄

Harvard’s immigration/HR department (and/or) USCIS were hacked and the relevant information was added.
Ok getting a lot of comments about how Harvard doesn’t have a journalism department. So adding a couple of more tweets to this thread.

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