Does harvard make you smarter?

No. Only people who happen to be smart get into harvard.

The hardest part of getting a Harvard education is getting in.

How can you identify a Harvard student/alum? You don't have to - its the first thing they’ll tell you

NDTV: It says on your resume that you went to Harvard University

Nidhi : Yeah I was visiting my friend.
The NDTV boss approaches the Associate professor

...and tells him to sweep the office.

"I'm sorry but I went to Harvard" the professor replies

The boss responds "Oh, my bad. In this case I have to show you how to do this"

Nidhi : Harvard University accepted my application!

She didn't mentioned that
I'm going to be their best janitor
A woman walks into a McDonald's restaurant.

The cashier there notices her happiness and ask her why she's so happy to which the women responsed with "I just graduated from Harvard as an Associate professor.

The cashier shakes hand, "I'm also a Harvard graduate
Period !
Where does a comedian study?

Ha ha ha ha haha ha-Harvard

#NidhiRazdan made herself comedian today
Physicists at MIT have discovered the smallest possible unit of time

The time from meeting an alumnus to hearing “I went to Harvard”.

Only the best make it to harvard. But the irony is, they don't need harvard to make that money!
A college student goes to the supermarket for groceries. By the end of his trip he's gotten fifteen items.

He goes up to the lane labeled "Express Checkout: 10 Items Or Less" and starts putting his purchases on the belt.

The cashier says, "Why, you must go to college at Harvard or MIT!"

"Why, yes I am a college student, but how could you know I went to Harvard or MIT?"

"Because Harvard students can't count, and MIT students can't read."

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