Savitri Bai Phule: Paramount figure of women empowerment! Was she the first one?

Savitri Bai Phule is attributed for starting women education in country. She was born in 1831 AD.
Many "historians" use her to propagate Dalit - Non - Dalit Propoganda and Feminism.
They show like she was the only person to bring women education and before her, women were living in black tents.

Now let's look at some data.

In 1805, King of Thanjavur Sarfaji Bhosle started a Girl school.
In 1829, a missionary nun named Cynthia farrar was running a Girl missionary school.

Before 1835, education was in hands of Sages and Brahmin, many girl schools were already running in different part of India including Bengal.
A special mention of a Bengali brahmin woman named Roopmanjari. She was running a Girl school in Benares with help of king Chait Singh. She also trained her students art of weaponry. Later they fought against Warren Hastings with Chait Singh army.

To be continued...
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