Just last Saturday I proved to my friend that there is no proof of this lady being in @Harvard and her profile shows that she is an Associate professor. Firstly, only would join as Assistant Prof, and after few years the panel would review your promotion to Associate Prof. The https://twitter.com/nidhi/status/1350024214997155840
process is mentioned on Harvard website if you go looking. All my screenshots ate from last Saturday as I was sending them to my friend to prove my point. Not only she’s not traceable on main Harvard website she was also not available on Faculty of Arts and Sciences, where she..
Claims to have been teaching. But there is no course called ‘Journalism’ at School of Arts and Science ! It’s under Department of History where she has no mention anywhere.

I was surprised as my friend but still we thought maybe it’s our mistake and we can’t search properly,coz
how can someone so reputed Allie so blatantly. Basically all she says now is that she got an offer, which hadn’t even materialised. Then why would she start using this position to gain accolades and fame. Since her declaration everywhere her introduction has been as Prof at
This is wilful cheating and again, just goes to prove how hollow the whole system of this anti government media propaganda artists is. Forget trusting them about why they tell us about country etc, you can’t even trust them on their own Bios !
Pardon a few typos in the thread.
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