3) Lifting the lockdown for just a few weeks ensured the mass spread of this new more infectious strain of COVID, which has ensured the need for a far longer lockdown than would otherwise have been necessary. Plus of course many thousands of unnecessary deaths.
4) Yet despite causing huge increased economic damage and unnecessary deaths by his uneducated and ignorant meddling, Steve Baker MP is shamelessly trying to force the same type of reckless behaviour onto Boris Johnson.
6) It should come as no surprise that Steve Baker MP is an all round science denier who is similarly disputing the science and expert advice over climate change. Although like most climate change deniers, he denies he's a climate change deniers. https://www.desmog.co.uk/steve-baker 
7) Here is Steve Baker MP amplifying the opinions of long time purveyor of disinformation about climate change and the ecological crisis Bjorn Lomborg.
8) We see the same sort of pattern where Steve Baker MP and the CRG pretend they accept the science, but then dispute the views of the scientific experts, with little more than their own unqualified and ignorant personal opinions.
9) What I want to know is what stops Steve Baker MP and the CRG learning from experience? Where they make a dreadful mistake demanding the end to measures to stop the spread of COVID, only for it to spread out of control, but then make the same reckless demand again.
10) Exactly how are they unable to acknowledge we got that one seriously wrong? They demanded no further lockdown into December, got their way and the virus got completely out of control because of their actions. A very clear and self-evident error of judgement.
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