The largest companies on the planet will cut office space by 50-70% over the next 3 years

128m+ of the 255m desk jobs globally will be done remotely at least 3 days a week by 2030

This is the first inning of remote work
The death of the office has been greatly exaggerated? Hardly

People are craving physical connection
Parents are struggling with schooling
We all miss things we can’t do now

The office? Nope

In a post-vaccine world, the benefits of remote increase even more dramatically
It’s not an either or. We will still see colleagues but it won’t be every week. Monthly onsites & quarterly off sites are most likely

This is eCommerce vs. Bricks and Mortar retail all over again

eCompanies crunch bricks and mortar companies
Pandemics over tomorrow, what do you want most?

- a vacation
- to hug your mom
- eat dinner with friends


- a two hour commute on public transport to sit in a chair for 8 hours

The pandemic shone a light on how much of living we are wasting at the office unnecessarily
If you’re incredible team did amazing work at home during a global pandemic, maybe they deserve to choose where they work in the future

Maybe that’s an office
Maybe it a coffee shop
Maybe it’s from home

Let them choose
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