For those of us who want government to do more in American life, it’s essential that we make the vaccine rollout an inspiring, seamless, surprisingly easy preview of the world we want to see. This ain’t it.
This vaccine rollout is, firstly, a battle against a communicable disease.

But it’s also an historic opportunity to communicate. To show Americans how government works, what it can do, and why science, facts, and energetic common institutions matter.
If I were the Biden administration, I would set a goal not just of getting the shots done, but of designing a rollout that is spectacular. That inspires people. Teaches people. Recognizes that everybody is not deft online. And leaves people with renewed faith in the public good.
There may be opportunities to pair older folks, or less-online folks, who struggle with the signup with citizens willing to help them. This can become a moment of shared purpose, an edifying national project. Instead of a clusterf*.
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