1-4 How will California replace gasoline & diesel revenues once it makes the switch to #Electricvehicles?
Planners talked about the ⬇️ in gasoline consumption over time bcs of #climatechange policies, but never talked about revenues although the section is dedicated to revenues!
- 59% of fuel taxes go to highway repairs/maintenance/public transit

- 22% to enforcement & regulation

- 7% to paying down debt

- 7% for local law enforcement/general fund/department of parks/department of agriculture

- 3% towards administration costs.
#Clifornia #oil
That means there will be a day when owners of #ElectricVehicles will pay billions of dollars to replace the above lost tax revenues. They should do it happily because they are good citizens who support their own local law enforcement and want to reduce state' debt! #OOTT
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