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- An in depth birth chart & navamsa reading of Europe's tragic Fairy Queen-

β€˜So quick bright things come to confusion'- A Midnight Summer's dream
Birth chart & Navamsa
she was born on Christmas Eve 1837 at 10:43 PM the fourth of ten children born to Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria and Princess Ludovika the half-sister of King Ludwig the first of Bavaria.
Leo asc-1H lord (sun) in sag 5h, while Jupiter sits in the asc- this is called a Maha Parivartan Yoga. - or an 'exchange' as Jupiter & sun exchange signs, forming a mutual connection between the 1st & 5th the planets work in tandem &matters of both houses feed into each other.
5H- activities that bring you joy, creative pursuits, as 3rd from 3rd house, its intellect & good council, and as 9th from 9th house, it represents the father & beliefs held by the father- unlike other royals of her time, her father provided her with a very liberal education
Sag 5H: Instead of stuffy etiquette classes, sisi often skipped lessons to go horseback riding in the country side, her father was described as an eccentric who'd take sisi to sing with local peasants.
she was described as 'a sweet and shy girl and grew into an exquisitely beautiful teenager with long chestnut brown hair' (Jupiter-Leo Asc- typically* makes one tall, with healthy hair- She was 172cm, slender, with extremely long Rapunzel like hair)
When a parivartan yoga forms between the 1-5h it's said to be a blessing of the goddess Laxmi, as it confers great rise in social status, power, and a 'windfall of wealth'. Its important to note this exchange is happening in Uttara Phalguni (Jupiter) and Mula (Sun).-
While, Uttara P is connected to Aryaman, one who rules over matrimonial alliances, and social rituals. This nak, is also associated with giving & receiving patronage (wealth & gains), and people who hold high positions within society.
Mula is connected with Alakshmi, opposite to her sister of Lakshmi (wealth giver)- who causes prosperty to deteriorate after its attained.
This particular** Maha parivartan yoga between Uttara Phalguni & Mula- is aptly and tragically summed up by author Bridgette Hamann on the Empress's life:
An accidental marriage- during the beginning of her 5H mercury mahadasha- she had several factors in both her D1 & D9 charts and in transit to constitute a very early marriage- Jupiter on ASC aspecting her 7th house & in her navamsa Venus sits in 11th & is lord of the 7th.
- In vedic there is a concept of age rulership for planets, where each 1 rules over a particular age, for Jupiter it's the 16th year, if Jupiter is strongly configured w ASC, ppl may find their lives "mature" at 16 depending on what house it rules- here its 5H- (children)
transits- its August 1853, in lovely alpine spa resort in Bad Ischl Austria, Archduchess Sophie decides to hold a 23rd birthday celebration for her son, the Emperor Franz Joseph
but in reality- The intention of the party- was that Franz would announce his engagement to his elder cousin, Helene (sissi's sister)
Sissi is brought along, & as fate would have it- her first meeting with Franz Joseph happened on August 16th when she had transit Venus conj, natal Jupiter in 1H- both aspecting the 7th house (infatuation at first sight)
When Franz's cousin & aunt arrived they were dressed in black morning gowns for the passing of an aunt, unfortunately when they arrived there was little time to change, as black washed Helene out, the color made Sissi appear all the more lovelier & appealing
- Sophie described their meeting in a letter to Marie of Saxony, via Hamann: "He beamed, and you know how his face can beam when he is happy. The dear little one did not suspect the deep impression she had made on Franzi"
also from her diary, she described her son praising sissi's "soft, lovely eyes," her "lips like strawberries," calling her "fresh as a budding almond."
- Sissi's Mercury Dasha is happening in Uttara Ashadha- a nak sometimes symbolized by the elephant tusk, & associated with Ganesha, the elephant god of new beginings, often called 'the remover of obstacles'- this nak is about new beginings that will become successful & permeant-
- Mercury in this chart is lord of the 2nd house (of family lineage) & 11th house of gains & hierarchical organizations- It is Sissi's aunt Archduchess Sophie- that insisted on Franz picking a cousin to be the next empress
People represented by Uttara Ashadha: military men, government servants, people with high ambitions and a sense of responsibility or organizational capacity-
Franz Joseph, as per his title as Emperor received a very militaristic upbringing, which so happened to manifested itself in his love of military uniform, which became his preferred daily attire.
Aug 18th- Sophia expected her son to follow her wishes but he refused saying he would marry Elizabeth or never marry at all. (Jupiter transits 7th house lord sat, while Moon is in later half of Dhanistha in her 7th house)
A sampling of the sort of poetry she was writing almost immediately after her wedding: (Another poem contains the line, "I have awakened in a dungeon,/With chains on my hands.")
- the couple were Wed in Vienna on the 24th of April 1854- the marriage would eventually become an unhappy one- while Franz was passionately in love with Sissi, the feeling was not mutual.
Why?- Sissi relativly carefree and beatific childhood made her ill equipped to handle the rigidly formal Austrian court, the role of mother & empress was made even more demanding by her mother-ln law Sophie.
Sat + Scorpio Moon-for leo asc, any malefic impact on moon weakens strength of mind- in ancient scripts shows mother abandons one at a young age- or lack of nourishment from mother- at 15 she was an Empress but still very much a child emotionally dependent on her mother
- Saturn holds the lowest degree, so it becomes the throne of the mind (moon)- at a young age sat restricts one from expressing themselves emotionally until they are 35- sat makes one feel critized for showing emotion, Saturn blows people back- in everything they try to achieve
- Sissi, had her 1st child 10 months after the wedding- but her mother-in-law Archduchess Sophie immediately took custody of the child, naming it after herself, & refused to allow Sissi to breastfeed or otherwise care for her beloved child.
- Sissi gave birth to a 3 daughter the following year, & the child was also snatched from her by Sophie, who ignored Sissi's pleading to be allowed to be with her children &called her a silly young mother. Sissi begged her husband to intercede but he would not upset his mother.
- Sophie also left a pamphlet on Sissi desk which basically said that a queen who failed to produce a male heir was worthless and should be cast off.-
In Vedic, the relations to one's in-laws as well as a good life after marriage are seen in the 8th house (being 2nd from 7th)- & The house that represents mother-in-law is the 4th house (mother) from the 7th house i.e the 10th house.
Rahu in 8th- creates an outcast affect in relation to in-laws (sissi never acclimatized to court life & was in frequent conflict with the imperial family) -
the 10H lord is Venus in Dhanishtha, - qualities of this nak are- the ability to lead/command (an army drummer) & bc of mars influence- marital discord
- Sophie, often deemed 'the only man in the Hofbrau palace' saw Sissi as nothing more than an inexperienced child, whom she could mold & command. A lot of Sissi's marital conflicts arose from Franz being deem to much of a 'mama's boy'
Navamsa asc has- Mangal Influence- Scorpio Asc, + Mars 6th house (conflicts within the marriage/problems) ruler in 1st (d9)- this placement of mars, almost always tends to cause conflict with spouse's family- often the battle ground of the marriage becomes the home
1857 . A diplomatic pilgrimage was taken by the royal family to Hungary- it was a part of the Austrian Empire that was seen as a romantic and wild frontier only a decade earlier Hungarians had rebelled against their rulers in Austria but had been repressed.
- 9th house of the navamsa- is tied to spiritual/philosophical beliefs gained after marriage as well as pilgrimages one takes in marriage, fortune, luck & travel- now place close attention to 3H lord Sat in 9H Ashlesha (nak symbolizing poison)
- When they took this trip, Sissi's two daughters fell sick with food poisoning, her youngest child, Gisela survived but Sissi's 2 year old Sophie died.
- Her mother-in-law never forgave her, this pushed Sissi, already prone to melancholy into a deep depression.
- Navamsa 10H- Leo Moon, obvs manifested as being percieved as regal & sense of power when with spouse- they were considered the 'the prototype imperial couple'- Her presence at the emperors side gained him diplomatic influence (naturally this placement gives gains from gov)
In navamsa, Venus is debilitated 7H lord sitting w Ketu- this causes detachment from spouse - they do not derive satisfaction from marriage- Sissi regarded Franz as 'an unimaginative man, politically reactionary & completely dependent on his mother's advice'
- Venus w Ketu in 11H - after marriage she received support more from the Hungarian people than she did from those in her homeland- & often made many friends with people in eastern Europe (this placement gives foreign network circles)
- Jupiter in 2nd House navasma Sag. - gives an great interest in poetry and writing and communication-
the end results of the Maha Parivartan Yoga: Jupiter in 2H Sag & Sun in Cancer 9H, Jupiter gives the propensity to help others after marriage, karma in life is having children (providing a crown prince) & Sun is in the house of right action/in accordance to cosmic law -
- Sun makes one take up a leadership within an religious organization (in this case an absolute monarchy) - tamasic Saturn creates an outcast- they have to work against such establishments-
- Saturn is in Vishakha in her birth chart- creates frequent disruption & disorganization life, often these people are put in positions later in life that require them to leaders/organizers-
Sun is in Pushya d9 9H- this is a nakshatra all about nourishment, its connection to Brihaspati gives it rulership over aristocracy & virtuous conduct.
creation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was partially due to the backroom diplomacy of Sissi-alliances come under the realm of Anuradha (moon) & her intelligence within her marriage convinced Franz to accept the Hungary & Austria as equals (rahu 5H gives serpent like cunning)
- Assassination 10th of September 1898, Sissi & her lady-in-waiting traveled incognito to Geneva, however their arrival was alerted to the press by the Hotel owner, as they walked along a promenade, anarchist Luigi Lucheni stabbed her with a sharpened nail file
At the time of her death Sissi was in her Sun Mahadasha, her Sun was in Mula 5H
Mula rules the act of stabbing, & the heart place is controlled by 5H, this house is also the reputation of the spouse's family- Lucheni says of her death "I came to Geneva to kill a sovereign...It was not a woman I struck, but an Empress; it was a crown that I had in view"
More about her life:
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