Was CHRISTMAS Ancient #MakarSankranti ?

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Judge Yourself
2.UTTARAYAN is NOT same as MAKAR Sankranti

Uttarayan => SUNRISE Will shift from Lowest Point in South East till Highest Point Northwards

STARTS: Next Day of Shortest Day 21/22Dec
TILL- Longest Day- 21Jun

This Transition of South to North =Uttarayan 6 Months
2b. Uttaryan is Caused by Tilt 23.5 degree of Earth + its Revolution around sun

Over Years
Shortest Day Varies from 20-23 Dec
So Uttarayan hops from 21 to 24 Dec
3. Sankranti Means 'Transisition' of Sun from one Zodaic to Other
There are 12 Sankrantis in a Year

When Sun Transits into Makar (Capricorn) Zodaic = MAKAR SANKRANTI

Makar is Ruled by SATURN (Shani)- the son of SUN
So when Sun Enters Makar, it Marks Union of Son & Father
4. Why TilGud on Makar Sankaranti?

SUN is welcomed in House of Makar (Ruled by SATURN)
तिल (Saturn) + गुड (Sun) = तिलगुड़ is feasted as a mark of Union i.e. Seasame+ Jaggery

Due to grinding/beating of तिल it is also called तिलकुट
5. People practicing their Religion in Europe Before Christianity were Called Pagans by the Church
Their Practices and beliefs were sames as Sanatan.

Don’t believe me it is what a Christianity Website Says.
6. Romans before adopting Christianity, Celebrated 25 December as Rebirth of Unconquered Sun (Sol Invictus) - Birthday of their Diety Mithra-(Morning SUN God) BIGGEST Festival
source- britannica

Roman Festival SATURNalia was Celebrated

So, BirthDay of Sun +Celebrating SATURN
6b. Birthday of SUN as Sun Rose from South Most Tip & Appeared in New House of Capricorn (Both On Same Day in 3rd Century )=> Uttarayan+Makar Sankranti

Celebration because : beginning of Longer Days and End of Harsh Winters and auspicious union of Sun+Saturn
7. in 336 AD, Church in Rome declared 25 Dec as Birthday of Jesus Christ
Till 9th Century 25th Dec as Christmas was Not Accepted Widely
source- britannica

336 AD was Around 1684 Yrs Ago,
How is it Related to Makar Sankranti?
Let's do some Maths
8. Uttarayan (Next Day of Shortest Day)= 22 Dec.20
Makar Sankranti is = 14.Jan.20

Due to Precision of Earth
The Vernal Equinox (Equal Days) Back Shifts by 1 Day per 72 Yrs
This 23 Days Shift takes 1656 Yr (72yr x23 Day Shift)

Cycle completes in 72*360deg =25920 Yrs
9. This Means
1656 to 1728 Years Ago (1656+72)
Or from 292 AD-364 AD
Uttarayan & Makar Sankranti Would Fall On Same Day
So when 336 AD Church Marked 25 Dec as Christmas
Uttaryan/Makar Sankranti Same Day (292 -364 AD)

Big Celebrations of Sun God Birthday Going in Pagan Era
10. That time, Vedic Astorology was at Peak & mportant Traditions were marked

Due to Invasions and Lost Records, Not Much changes happened
Till Date we Celebrate Makar Sankranti &Uttaryan Together.
11. Now Read This:
There is Ancient Festival YULE Celebrated on the Evening of Shortest Day by BURNING Logs
That's one Day before Uttarayan. Some do it Today also
Similarity with LOHRI is Pure Coincidence :)

Next Day- Chrismas Tree Represented Sun on Top &Stars around as H'Bday
12. Now Let’s See Similarities and Judge Yourself
13. Other Celebrations on Makar Sankranti in India

Pedda Panduga in AP

Pongal in Tamil Nadu

Magh Bihu in Assam

Maghara Valaku in Kerala

Holy Dips in Rivers is considered Auspicious

1st Bath of Kumbh on Makar Sankranti
14. Please Celebrate Makar Sankranti & Uttarayan after Next Morning of Shortest Day
remembering Morning Sun God Mithra.
Happy Makar Sankranti

What are your views after reading this? Do Share.
VEDANGA - 6Subjects.
Only after Studying these 6, One could Understand VEDAS

1. Shiksha
2. Chanda
3. Nirtukta
4. Kalpa
5. Vyakaran

Below 4 CONCEPTS, one must Explore For Science behind JYOTISH:

1. Tropical Year
2. Sidereal Year
3. Tilt of Earth
4. Precision of Earh
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