Where we are today is exactly where Paul Weyrich expected us to be. Since the beginning of the 1980’s, their plan was to take over the US government with the New Right and the hijacking of religion and abortion. Their plan was to remove all centrist Republicans. To attack the
left at every moment. To block everything. It was all about gaining as much power as they could. What we see in the Republican Party today is that New Right. Their plan was take over the US government by 2030. What we have just witnessed was exactly that. Nine years earlier than
expected. Fortunately, what they didn’t anticipate was it failing. And it has failed terribly. But it has left us in a very dangerous situation because now they will be desperate. But we must persevere. When there is a Republican, who pushes extreme religion and piggy backs on
pro-life. Thus is a member of that New Right that wants to gain ultimate power and take over the US government no matter what. No we do not now take a step back whilst they tell us we need unity. These are members of a party that will do everything to gain ultimate power.
They are what Paul Weyrich envisioned. They are here and they are dangerous.
This is why they use the term “radical left.”
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