BREAKING: Ontario gov issues state of emergency and effective Thursday a stay at home order mandating everyone stay inside their homes except for essential purposes, groceries, healthcare
"The system is on the brink of collapse" Premier Ford says of hospital system.
Outdoor gatherings limited to 5
Schools in Peel, Toronto, Windsor, York and Hamilton will no resume in class until at least Feb 10
Testing will ramp up to 300k a week
Businesses are being asked to keep employees working at home
Wearing masks mandatory in all public places, should be worn outside when can't keep apart
Greater authority is going to be given to officials to enforce the new orders.
If people are non compliant will be fined, penalties could be up to a year in jail.
Honestly not sure what the difference is between a stay at home order and a curfew. Right now they are sounding about the same #covid19
These new orders are in effect until at least Feb 11th
What is the difference between stay at home and a curfew Ford is asked. Premier says a curfew is you aren't leaving your house, says he has never been in favour of one. Says he does not believe police should chase you if you leave home after 8 PM. (I'm still confused)
Premier says big box stores have to be at 50% capacity or he will come down on them "like an 800 pound gorilla."
Says people can leave their homes to walk their dog.
Premier is asked about paid sick leave, he says Federal government has set one up which will cover them for 2 weeks (note many say it is not nearly enough)
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