State, federal and local governments can and should work with automakers to enable the success for alternative fuel technologies at the fleet and consumer level. This includes incentives for #ElectricVehicles and for #infrastructure .
We will need access to #EVs as @Nature_VA suggests and will need to strongly explore methods to spend more than what @Don_Hall_VADA suggests: because it’s a good investment in our lives and our livelihoods.
Over the next 5 years Virginia will lose $50B in spending on oil which is entirely imported from other countries at current rate. Oil dependence hits low income & rural Virginians the hardest, but affordable EVs could have fuel costs under $1/gallon eq. saving Virginians $25B.
The carbon cost for that oil is $10.5B based on EPA carbon metrics and 250 million metric tons. The health cost for that oil is 115 lives annually, (550 over the 5 years) according to the @LungAssociation.
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