Seriously, it is your constitutional right to wave a flag of treason, no doubt, but doing that while claiming to be a proud American & strict constitutionalist doesn't work.

Like claiming you're pro science but anti-evolution, it's a contradiction. It's an ego-centered paradox.
I get that YOU define it differently (hence the ego-defined paradox) but that doesn't mean we have to accept your fictional version of reality to make it convenient for you.

The Confederacy was a war of treason over slavery.

Why embrace that and claim to be American?
If you want to define the Confederacy as something other than the embodiment of slavery, Jim Crow and bigotry, I'd get that, but you're waving that flag while standing next to actual Klan members, you know, so the inference is pretty clear. It's a symbol of treason.
If you're serious about changing what the Confederate flag stands for, you have to address the paradox of what it did & still means for everyone else, espec non-white Americans. If you're not doing that, you're not truly interested in transformation, but upholding white power.
So sorry, anytime I see someone at a political rally waving a Confederate flag, they're usually not far from Nazi symbols, either, you know? We know what that means. You cannot gaslight us about it. it's about white supremacy.

So is your bitching about BLM & Antifa, too.
Claiming you're a true American but are pro-fascism and anti-equality, be it for black Americans (BLM) or women or gays, is a contradiction.

You may be pro white America, but that's not the same thing as pro America. America is made up of more than white folk. Always has been.
So if you want ME to listen to you, kick the Confederate & Nazi bullshit to the curb, first. Denounce it. Otherwise, I don't think you're serious, and I think you're on an ego trip to protect your perceived privilege as a white in America, and not for equality for everyone.
We do not need to listen to those who are just angry that America has less white people in power than it once did.

We do not need to listen to racists, sexists, etc.

We absolutely don't need to listen to Confederates, Nazis, or those championed by them.

We should not.
In fact, I'd argue that it is our DUTY as Americans to NOT listen to racists, Confederates & Nazis, in all forms, when it comes to the governing principles of this nation.

We cannot, in fact, cater to them.

They are anti-American, in the end.

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