The #affirmativeaction is for #REPRESENTATION, but the ‘meritorious’ #brahmin savarnas never accepted that simple fact, it’s one of the many parts to de-hegemonize the brahmin #savarnas from ruling class so that it would be equitable to all, a true #democracy.
“...history of the struggle of d servile classes in India against the governing class has not yet been written.
Whenever d servile classes ask 4 reservations in d legislatures, in the Executive & in Public Services, d governing class raises the cry of ‘nationalism in danger’ Dr A
look at the number of positions held by the brahmins, who are less than 5% of the Indian population...If U look at the whole number, the brahmin savarnas who are just 15% population have got 13 minister positions... out of 23 ministries & look at the no of brahmin judges in SC
If you look at the other important powers related to the economy of the country and media (98%) are occupied by the brahmin savarnas.
..., ‘secular’, brahmin savarnas don’t even recognize that their caste, an enclosed class, is the ruling class and overly represented in every space, but they usually talk about the existing discriminative practices never about the hegemony of brahmins as a ruling class.
“If privilege is interpreted as ‘unearned advantage’, it tells U only half the story. The untold part is, this unearned advantage was gained through expropriating concrete assets from those who ‘lack privilege’. That the underprivileged paid for the unearned advantage.” @kuffir
The #brahmin #rulingclass conveniently hide the truth of how the brahmin’s #exclusion model deprived the #oppressedcastes
According to this survey the of private #corporate boards the #brahmin savarna castes holds 8,387 92.6% of posts Of which
(a) Brahmin 4,037 – 44.6 %
(b) Vaishya 4,167 – 46.0 %
(c) Kshatriya 43 – 0.5 %
(c) Others# 137 – 1.5 %
Other Backward Class 346 – 3.8 %
SC/ST’s 319 – 3.5 %
No brahmin savarnas who are barking about the #reservation and #scholarships offered for bhahujans would never utter even a word about these inequity propagated by the brahmin ruling class intentionally depriving the education funds.
It’s a shame that unfortunately this continues even today and the brahmins, like Chaubey, who are well “educated” are still continuing to register their morally bankrupt take with so much intellectual dishonesty.
“For no intellectual class has prostituted its intelligence for the sole purpose of inventing a philosophy to keep his uneducated countrymen in a perpetual state of servility, ignorance and poverty as the Brahmins have done in India.+
Every Brahmin to-day believes in this philosophy of Brahmanism propounded by his forefathers. He is an alien element in the Hindu Society.”
~ Dr. Ambedkar, What Congress and Gandhi Have done to the Untouchables? @Velivada
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