The more popular your current political/policy issue is, the bigger the chance that history will see it as wrong. Hence the need to wait for history which sees things diff than what was accepted at the time.

If 80% media noise PR your view, U R likely on wrong side of history.
The term “history will judge so and so” is reserved for people whose current voice is drowned out in the noise of the majorry so they can only wait for history to judge it with a clear eye.

But if the Big Noise is on your side then you are probably on the wrong side of history.
As you can see, history remembers positively the person who refuses to go along with what everyone is doing at the time. If you see yourself on the same side of broad media narratives regarding rights/freedoms then you are probably going to be on the wrong side of history, moron.
Churchill’s party went from 386 seats in the 1940 election and control of gov, to 197 seats 2 months after Germany surrendered because the masses were angry with him.

But in the eyes of history, Churchill saved the world; nobody knows the name of the person/party who best him.
If you find yourself parroting the narrative pushed by most of media, it’s a signal that you are a mindless zombie; not a courageous hero to be remembered in history as someone who stood out of the crowd. You did not stand out; you went along with it.

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