Miami has bred a lot of tech talent. Did you know @JeffBezos and @sherylsandberg both attended Miami-Dade public high schools?
What other #miaminativesintech are out there? Let’s use this hashtag to highlight other founders and #tech execs born/raised in the 305
@8ennett is a #Miami native who is building @wonderschools and raised a $20M Series A from @a16z #Miaminativesintech
@RyanBreslow founded @bolt and has raised $135m #Miaminativesintech
@veelarco is a partner at one of the leading venture capital funds @NEA #Miaminativesintech
My high school classmate @FingerprintJs Co-founder Dan Pinto recently raised capital led by @NexusVP and previously sold his company @machinio that he co-founded with our other high school classmate Dmitriy Rokhfeld to public company $LDDT #Miaminativesintech
Sunstone Partners, a tech growth equity fund that just raised a $475M fund II, was co-founded by Gus Alberelli #Miaminativesintech
@FrancisSuarez @MayorDaniella @MariaDerchi I just highlighted 9 #Miami natives killing it in #tech & all of these folks attended Miami-Dade public schools. What other #Miaminativesintech can we highlight for kids who grow up in the 305 to show them they can also succeed in tech?
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