1/3 Folks please realise. Hindutva isn’t only about “Resistance”. Don’t fall in trap.

Hindutva is state of being Hindu.

Like how water has H2 & O as constituent, but it is needed to be heated in cold whether while made cooler in summer. It also takes shape of container.
2/3 Hindutva (State of being Hindu)too takes shape as per climate & around.

When Hindus gave refuge to the persecuted Parsis, then too it was Hindutva (ie state of being Hindu). When Shivaji & Maharana Pratap took over mighty marauders, that too was Hindutva.
3/3 You May refer to this thread of mine for understanding of Hindutva & Hindu+Ism. https://twitter.com/aabhas24/status/1214996859959181312
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