Even as one of the junior-most and very recent Vet here on Twitter, I’ll still say this to all my respected seniors -
1. Morality, Honesty, Commitment and Code of Conduct doesn’t come in shades. It’s absolute. The day you start behaving like a hooligan, you have earned the right
to be disrespected. And should you find yourself there, please don’t crawl your way out hanging on threads of ‘Veteran Flag’ that you yourself shred to tatters. Take the heat, apologise like man and understand that you hurt others with your words or actions.
2. The whole Country
gives us enormous respect and love. And that has very little to do with what you and I did personally. But a lot more to do with millions of soldiers before us who’ve made great sacrifices to keep this great Organization to such high standards. When we do something wrong, people
don’t see you or me, they see uniform and failing of an image they held for so long with adulating support. Let’s not belittle the giants on who’s shoulders we stand and enjoy the approvals.
3. Finally, we are taught right from day one that the day we fall apart and forget we
are a team, others are bound to take advantage. That could be people just laughing at us, Media running to act as uninvited adjudicator or arbitrator, politically motivated gangs trying to engage and benefit or even enemy coming under cover of this darkness of doubts. Let’s
always stand for each other and not try to create teams. Because should a day come that even we might be called to serve, the guy you spent time insulting on Twitter could be in next trench. Though philosophical, but I’m sure everyone gets the point. When called
and asked to raise hands as Vets, it’s only us! Family, friends, fellow citizens, media, politicians..there’s no one else. This unique privilege should be celebrated and respected and not churned to ground with too often happening spats.

Again, apologies to all seniors if you
think I overstepped my limits. But I hope you’ll respect the idea and emotion behind it. We, other youngsters, those wanting to join Forces; everyone looks upto you. Kindly maintain that pedestal.

Jai Hind, Jai Hind ki Sena.
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