Which is the more favorable strategy to capture the long term opportunity with #Bitcoin ? Mining Bitcoin vs Trading Bitcoin. See thread below 👇👇👇👇👇👇
1/ From 2017-2019, over 390 Crypto Hedge Funds were launched, but PWC estimates that there are only 150 active Crypto Hedge Funds remaining. Not only were Fund Managers unable to outperform Bitcoin, but they lost their initial principle with an asset that returned many multiple.
2/ #Bitcoin 's extreme volatility is best managed with a dollar-cost average and hold strategy, which #BTC MINING achieves. Dollar-cost averaging is best in markets with extreme volatility and an asset that one wants to accumulate a large position over a longer time horizon..
3/ #Bitcoin is the best fit for such a strategy (DCA) as it is still a technology and a commodity in its infancy that is in price discovery mode. It will have several more boom and bust cycles as it matures into Digital gold.
4 / Mining allows an investor to generate cash flow of #BTC even if price declines or trades sideways. It is even more advantageous during a bull run - as you receive double #BTC exposure - the value of the mining rig appreciates at a perfectly positive correlation #BTC 's price
5/ The value of the mining rig is the sum of it's future cashflow. If the future cashflow decrease in value by BTC or Mining difficulty, then the mining rig will decrease in value. Vice-versa for an increase. It's a check and balance ecosystem where it's in the manufacturers best
6/ interest to control the supply to maintain their margin. Based off game theory, if the manufacturers want to stick around, it's in their best interest to control the supply. We estimate that Bitmain manufactures 40,000 S19's per month right now.
7/ Bitcoin is one of the last pure free markets in existence. To us, that doesn't sound great, but it is a free market. That is what is really fascinating about the Bitcoin network. The decentralization is very powerful and stronger than most countries currencies.
8/ Miners possess some of the most lucrative energy contracts in the, which can be repurposed. The #BTC network is one of the strongest networks. Think about the fundamentals of that, you have large HODLers who have hundreds of millions of Bitcoin who want to protect their stake.
9/ Mining allows you to generate Bitcoin at a cheaper price than buying it on the free market, you are not exposed to the constant volatility, our firm belief is Mining is a better investment than Trading #Bitcoin .
10/ Our mission statement is to bring as much hash to USA. We think it's important to counterbalance the hash that is centralized in China - this is geographical centralization not individual. We want to geographically decentralize the network. This is a matter of global security
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