The vaccine hierarchy is such an interesting debate. Who gets it second (if there is consensus on who gets it first?)

The teacher unions mentioned that they want to know when their members will be vaccinated (sounding like teachers should be high up the list).

Little thread..
If we vaccinate based on job, depending on region, you will have a smattering of workers in logistics and shipping, warehousing, construction and office work, in addition to workers who deal directly with people physically, including with spit.
But there's a problem with this approach. COVID risk on the job is related to negligent management. So this measure risks rewarding negligence.

It's also true that people are at far more risk based on other factors...
If we look at community spread, vaccination shouldn't be tied to work at all, but instead to income, precarity and race. Marginalization. Low income communities should be high on the list.
Of course, this all would be less politically hot if we had had enough vaccines, which will certainly will eventually. But the scramble for the limited doses is intense and there are lots of employers who want this shortcut to keep their employees safe.
Let's remember though that even once an entire group is vaccinated, you still must wait several weeks for immunity to form. So any talk about vaccines as a solution (thinking again about teachers here) has to have a delay worked into the plan I.e. they do not work quickly.
So workers should be far more focused on COVID protection measures than demanding a higher placement in the vaccine queue, as a strategy to keeping themselves safe.

(In general, we need more transparency on the vaccine plan too).
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