Duncan is right. Lockdown rules are slightly softer. More key workers. More COVID-compliant workplaces.
It feels v plausible there’s less compliance this time around but is that really clear cut from mobility data alone? https://twitter.com/DuncanWeldon/status/1348219305603833858
Also worth bearing in mind in lockdown 1 there’s lots of evidence that many households & businesses went above & beyond the rules. Eg key workers not sending children to school even tho they could. Firms (esp construction) shuttering tho rules said they could continue working…
When I take a (completely unscientific but perhaps no less unscientific than some of the hot takes out there) glance at the data I’d say: less movement than autumn lockdown but more than last spring. That doesn’t seem too far detached from the severity of the rules themselves
Interesting https://twitter.com/benatipsosmori/status/1348223468890951681
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