We must acknowledge ourself as a 5000 year civilization-state

We must Indianize our Republic with ancient democratic ideals of Vedic & Buddhist texts

We must rationalize political discourse away from left-right madness

We must decolonize our governance, judiciary & education
Despite having the most ancient Republican traditions in history going back into the bronze age and even Pre-Vedic times--Far, far older than Greece or Rome-- we have failed to draw inspiration from our rich past. Instead our modern Indian state completely apes western polity.
Dissapointed that commentators are only interested in pushing back '5000 years' into fancy five and six figure numbers without any curiosity about the actual challenging complexity within the 5000 yrs.

Sorry if i insult; you guys prefer simplistic fantasy to complicated reality.
Perhaps India is not intellectually ready for such serious reforms. Vast majority of the masses is stuck at two extremes- complete ignorance or complete fantasy. Until many, many Indians learn complicated topics(IE debate, archaeology etc), these reforms will bring only chaos.
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