🤡 thoughts on $SUSHI v $UNI

We're at a moment in time when the paths diverge for $SUSHI and $UNI

Potentially different L2s, different integrations, different ethos

$UNI L2 = optimistic rollups

$SUSHI (and the broader $YFI ecosystem) L2 = the more composable zk rollups

$UNI = quietly and secretively improving the AMM model for v3

$SUSHI = loudly working on more initiatives than I can count including crosschain integration w $DOT

$UNI = skunkworks

$SUSHI = collective hoard of fearless anons... their teeth chiseled into spikes

The divergence will ultimately merge back together as the lines between blockchains blur, L2s merge and eventually ETH 2.0 gets shippt

Gotta say I ❤️ them both, but there's something gutter-ass skater punk about $SUSHI that I can't get enough of, sers

$SUSHI = opens arms for all who would step forward

esp for the VC-free code warriors... the ones who speak softly but carry massive f'ing sticks

They won't rebuild Wall Street on blockchains, they shall nuke it & reconstitute the raw material into something the 🌎's never seen
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