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the dilemma that most young Entrepreneurs have

they want the Clout of a Personal Brand without the Track Record of Multiple Successful Businesses

that's how you fade into obscurity, because the quality of your content can only be as good as your Knowledge Base
every dude should strive to have $50K in the bank

that amount will allow you to bootstrap in most USA states & countries with $2k a month for up to 2 years

having that Runway will give you the Freedom to build businesses that U really want instead of ones out of Desperation
i spent a good chunk of my 20's "uninstalling" Toxic Ideas about Money, Wealth, Life

if ur a Rich Kid, u have a Sick Advantage from the Get-Go because u already have the Software installed

if ur a Broke Kid on $ Twitter, ur already in the Best Place to get ur Software Updated
noobs always ask

"what's a GoOd OnLiNe BuSiNeSs?"

as if theres some corner of the internet where everybody is making trillions and everywhere else is Dry

U can sell ANYTHING

the question is "what do you enjoy thinking about or doing?"

then u build a Business around THAT
College debt is overrated

if you go into tech/engineering, you could pay off $50K in a few years EASY

the problem is that most kids that go to college study some dumb shit like Mayan LGBTQ+ History

NOBODY in the market is hiring for that u stupid fuk
the "Internet Marketing" Industry is 99% Broke Dudes trying to fake their Earnings to get accepted into Private Groups that contain people who actually know what the fuck they're talking about

then they get in the Group and steal shit from the guys actually doing something
too many dudes takin opinions on politics when the only opinion you should have is that it's pretty pathetic to be bitching about politics while u only have $32 in ur bank account
"can u send me a proposal"


"waste the next hour of your life writing up a few pages of bullshit that i won't open"

don't write a WORD until you've scheduled a follow-up call to go over the Proposal and Seal the Deal. if they don't reschedule, they kicking Tires
most business/self-help books are about 25 pages of bomb ass material and 200 pages of fluff

they say the same thing in 10 different ways to fill up pages for dence, Low IQ Airport readers

Skip to the good stuff, jot it down, then toss it
Most of the successful Ecom guys I know got their first "big break" from some Loophole in Google, Amazon, or Facebook and accidentally made $50K in a month

then they took that $50K and used it to build a Real Brand

Most would not publicly admit this tho
i've said it once and i've said it before

if u r Broke As Fuck,

-quit drugs
-quit women
-quit drama

Accumulation of Dollar Bills should be ur Only Objective

anything else at that point is a Waste of Time
i hired this guy recently to help me do Market Research and develop a new MVP

this fucken guy wanted me to make a "Startup"

create some new CrAzY NeW tHiNg that has never been done before

wat a waste of time

let the Dummies Trailblaze

then Piggyback on their proven idea
Pick ONE mentor that has the level of success you'd like to have

Get their ENTIRE lifes work..

ALL of their books, video courses, etc

Spend 1 month ONLY listening or reading to them.

On your walks, when you wake up, before bed..

This will change you faster than anything else
A lot of online "side hustles" will fuck you over long term

-selling garbage Kindle ebooks
-selling fidget spinners on Shopify
-selling feet pics on Onlyfans

You will get comfy with the trickle of money and never transition into building Big Boy Brands

Don't fall for the trap!
The reason why you spend more than you make is because you consider your CREDIT to be your MONEY

Stop for a moment and pretend you didn't have ANY credit

Now, how much CASH do you ACTUALLY have?

Focus on that number...

Let it sink in...

Got it?

You're broke as fuck, son.
How you do 1 thing is how you do everything

Can't focus on 1 book? = Can't focus on 1 biz
Ditch your friends alot? = You'll ditch your clients alot
Always late to movies? = Always late to meetings

Start connecting the small things to the big things & you will get to the SOURCE
YouTube Lead Gen

1️⃣ record Tutorial Video

2️⃣ say at beginning of video

"if u wanna take it 2 the next level, book an intro call below"

3️⃣ put link to Leadpage in Description

4️⃣ add Calendly booking form to Leadpage

congrats now u have a business and it cost u Zero Pennies
If you make less than $10K a month

You should be OBSESSED with money

-Masturbate to money
-Listen to songs about money
-Read about money

Money is your girlfriend, your hobby, your education, your entertainment...

It's a life or death situation...

Figure that shit out!
using Coupons is a Mental Trap to keep you Poor

clipping some shit out of a newspaper to save 50 cent on Velveeta Mac n Cheese

fuck outta here

U gotta FEEL the Pain of your Poverty

THAT'S what motivates u to Escape it

not MASKING it with Coupons you Dummy
It's incredible when I hear broke dudes in their 20s & 30s talk about "work life" balance

as if they earned some level of success and are ready to kick back & enjoy

lmfao bro the energy you have now is as good as it gets, you need to be working your fucking face off b4 its gone
College teaches you to keep trying out different pairs of glasses to see the world in new ways

This is WRONG.

You only need ONE pair of glasses to view the world

and that pair is owned by the person who has the Life That You Want

Most online business courses will just end up wasting a TON of your time in the long run

Yea sure you only spent $50 on that ebook but now you're about to spend 100 hours following the tactics of some guy that doesn't know how to charge more than $50 for his "expertise" lmao
I used to be 100% Tactic focused in my business

-pumping out thousands of low quality POD products

-pumping out hundreds of Kindle books

Just throwing garbage into the universe and wondering why $10K/month was my ceiling

Long-term Brand Strategy always beats out Tactics
In terms of business Goo-Roos, the one that has changed my life the most is Sam Ovens

not even close

after you consume all of his content you become some sort of optimization machine and everybody around you becomes stupid
U never want to fall into Wagecuck Mentality

that happens if u tell your wagecuck friends how much $$$ you want to make or the size of the Biz you want

They go "ooo" and "ahh" as if it's some Magic Dreamland fantasy

because it IS, for THEM.

But not for U..for U, its REALITY
your Identity is shaped by your Past Self & Past Experiences

which is dumb because why would u obey the instructions of the 14 yr old You lmao

try designing a Future Self instead and only taking instructions from him from here on out
the more i work with clients, the more Draconian my contracts become

everything on paper so it doesn't become a "dispute" down the line
the realm of Consulting is INFINITE

just think of an aspect of business, become the Expert of it then sell a service around it lol


-lead gen
-sales training
-product dev
-product fulfillment
-team mgmt
-Project mgmt
-Process dev
-etc etc
apps to start a Consulting business:

-landing page builder - carrd/squarespace/WP/etc
-calendly - book calls
-zoom - take calls
-zapier - send client data to airtable
-airtable - manage clients
-prospero - for sexy proposals
-stripe - get paid
-loom - for quick tutorials
noob mistake: building a website with more than 1 button to push

your website should only consist of one button


and just repeat that button 20 times to make it easy for them

nobody gives a fuck about ur "aBoUt Me" narcissistic creative writing fantasy
i remember multiple people telling me that their degree would land them in $200K/yr positions within 5 yrs of graduating

now they're all just paper pushers making $40K/yr and ask me "how can i live a live like YOURS, Legacy??"

go all in on ur dreams all the time and u will win
Designing ur Brain is Easy..

whenever u FEEL something that u dont want to

1. visualize pulling ur Brain out & holding it in ur hands

2. watch the Feeling as it travels along ur Brain, like a Train on a Track

3. Locate the Origin Point of the "Train". Then turn it off

Running ads to a Consulting offer is basically playing the game on Easy-Mode

you could spend $1,000 on ads just to land 1 client, but if you close that client for $5K, it was worth it

leaking money like that is a LOT harder to do if you're selling $8 Fidget Spinners
in order to WIN, all you have to do is be 1% better than the competition

That's it.


Game too fucken easy I swear
i got my first lead today from a Youtube video

my Youtube channel literally only has like 5 videos

5 videos = $3,000 job

the game is toooooo fuckin EASY i swear
ANY biz can be multiple Revenue Streams

Ex: Locksmith

-run Ads 2 ur Core Service 4 when ppl lock themselves out of Car

-record lockpick tutorials 4 YouTube as u learn the shit

-sell course on Lockpicking 2 n00bs

-dropship hard-2-find Lockpicking tools

Game TOOOOO fukn Easy!
you should always put 110% into everything u do because u never know who's watching

the owner of 1 of the Biggest Tech Review sites on the net watched one of my FIVE YT videos

when he needed a Consultant, he booked a call

then we got to closin on tha Fat Money Deal
the Bar is so low for online courses

u could make an Excel Course, put it on Udemy/SkillShare/etc and make an easy $5-10K/year

other dumb courses u can make in ur basement and make Free Money:

-Being Creative
-Time Mgmt
-Underwater Basket Weaving
as long as there are:

-lawns to be mowed
-houses to be cleaned
-dogs to be walked
-iphones to be repaired

and ur legs still work

there is NO reason to be a broke muthafucka with a GoFundMe. stop embarrassing urself in the Richest Country of All Time
if you cant demand 100% payment upfront, your offer isnt HOT enough

keep optimizing until u can tell a prospect to Talk 2 tha HAND 🤚 when they request a "monthly payment plan".
if you survive ur first few years as an entrepreneur, success becomes inevitable

you start to understand ur own psychology & master business basics...u will gain a few BATTLE SCARS

but yeah u will want to quit 1000x along the way lmao good luck bro its gonna fuckin suuuuck 🤣🤣
all u 18 yr old kids out there...


most Boomers were C+ students, skinnyfat stoners, and pussyless dorks, just like ur Zoomer classmates

so just bcuz a pussyless 40K salary Ding Dong turned 60 doesnt mean his advice = gold lmao
the Game is actually waaay easier than everybody thinks because when most people think of "taking action" they think this:

1 action = 1 result

but your results are actually exponential.

so for a n00b,

10 actions = 1 result

but after awhile, it flips:

1 action = 10 results
you can make an EASY $5K/month by copy + pasting other peoples shit with Kindle/Clickbank/Gumroad/POD

but the REAL money comes from reverse engineering your target markets psychology and constructing an offer based on their innermost desires

Never forget that
there's two types of Online Guru Courses

1. The Hot Offer - the course will be mediocre & sloppy, but it's a new opportunity in a hot industry

2. Business Model Mastery - course creator has gone through the process enough times and refined their model to the point of mastery
Components of a $10k/mo Project Based Consulting Business:

1️⃣ Market Research
2️⃣ Paid or Organic Lead Gen
3️⃣ Sales Calls
4️⃣ Product Creation/Fulfillment

the basics of all this shit can be learned on Skillshare or Udemy lol u just gotta learn how to glue it all together
most Loser Dudes could change the course of their life in 3 months by actually getting off their ass and putting in 30 mins of work a day towards their Dreams

but they cant even put in that minuscule amount of work because their Identity is so fucked..victimhood + Daddy issues
every day i wake up, walk to my Command Center, and log in to twitter

I look at my cool fuckin name and say "I am LegacyFuel" then pat myself on the back

some of u dorks log in to stefan12342069 and wonder why u stay uninspired

Fix ur identity, u Ding Dong
people get paid based on how many lives their work touches

Broke: Burger Flipper

Rich: Inventor of the Burger Flipping Machine

Broke: On-call Tech Support

Rich: Developer of the actual Tech that needs Support

either Design the Machine or be a Cog. Ur choice
if ur Muscles cant handle stress, u train them in the Gym until you break them. Then new muscle grows on top

if ur Brain cant handle stress, u also need to actively search for new ways to break it. The new layer of "Brain Muscle" is called Wisdom & Intelligence

Same concept
i might be runnin low in the Tank...

make sure you stay connected if i get Silenced again

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