‘one restaurant in Cork was the starting point of a cluster that has caused 57 Covid cases so far’

‘We have to cut down the size of these clusters, we have to cut down socialisation if we are going to get on top of this disease’ - @ronan_glynn (1 Oct) 3/ https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/arid-40058144.html
Restaurant in China where ‘9 people sitting as far away as five meters were infected by one person’ 4/ https://healthpolicy-watch.news/poor-ventilation-in-restaurants-and-buses-a-major-factor-in-covid-19-transmission-says-hong-kong-study/
Hong Kong bar ‘106 Covid-19 cases, linked back to exposures from staff & musicians at a series of bars. 73 of the people in this cluster caught the virus at the bars (including 39 who were customers), who then spread it to others in the community’ 5/
... https://twitter.com/orla_hegarty/status/1346199324225626113
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