Humans inherently like the act of solidarity. We are social beings. We like to huddle up and be together.
They used this against us.
They convinced us that it was an act of solidarity to flatten the curve, to wear a mask for others, to take the vaccines for others,
and to reach #covidzero for others. They convinced us that this was for the greater good of society.
In reality, this couldn't be further away from the truth. They have divided us and broken the core structure of our society. They have dehumanized us with their masks.
They set us against each other into clans on opposite sides of a spectrum. They have turned us into aggressive beings fighting for our survival. Some of us fear harm from the virus, others fear harm from the vaccine, and yet others fear harm from the attack on our civilization.
We are all on a flight or fight mode. We are all operating under the influence of fear. We must collect ourselves and reflect on what has happened over the last year.
How is this for the greater good of society?
They used a tactical warfare strategy against us.
'Divide and conquer'.
We fell for it.
Now we must become aware of it and fight back.
We must reunite. We must find true solidarity to save our world. To free ourselves. To regain our autonomy.
Understand the strategy of your opponent and think of your next move.
We, the people, are the only ones who know what is for our greater good. The people on top who are pulling the strings don't know what is good for us and don't care about what is good for us. They only care about their self-interests and what is good for them.
The greater good of society comes from little decisions made by real people, on the ground, spread out all over the world; not from global decisions made by a hand full of people peering down on us from their high towers made of glass.
It's about time we, the people, start pulling the strings.
It's time we, the people, unite for the greater good of society.
Let's meet and talk and discuss our differences. Let's find a middle ground where life is in balance. Let's stop shaming, defaming, and fighting. Let's listen, respect and empathise with one another. Let's do this for the next generation. We owe it to them. Let's be adults.
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