good morning…

*shuffles papers*
*adjusts glasses*

i see there are questions about blender guru aka the donut guy. i’ll put the problematic stuff i saw in this thread and you can decide if those little sprinkles are worth it

⚠️ content warning!! ⚠️

from a blender tutorial in 2017, talking about how much he misses using a homophobic slur (👏 @nodwaynenogain for catching it)
cw: n-word, dispassionate theorizing about black bodies
insidious “both sides” argument, expediently dispatched by @Sekani__Solomon
meritocracy fuckery, sexist hiring practices
from when #metoo started, reaction to hearing painful stories of sexual assault

cw: r*pe
objections to people of color telling their own stories
pupu platter of men's rights, gaslighting, and misogyny
i guess that’s what we get for learning blender from the human equivalent of warm unseasoned potato salad!!

i will now cleanse my blender education by placing my donut in this furnace


yes. very good. burn
the ritual is complete. i am purified. the contaminated donut is but a pile of ash and regret
if you still want to learn blender, i have a HUGE list of unproblematic blender educators & tutorials to help you get started here! let's learn 😊💚
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