Very important article covering the history of CT policy, Current Situation, PA, The Terrorism Act, and much more.
Over the past few years my continued efforts to raise the alarm over the UK’s so called ‘counter terrorism’ policy, the industrial grift complex built around it, and the damage done to legal institutions, people, and wider society - has failed to achieve engagement.
The few who do take this seriously, and occasionally pass comment on the latest terror trials are often greatly misinformed, and to put it bluntly, have no idea how bad things actually are. The purpose of this thread is to also dispel a lot of confusion.
A subject that I see come up a lot in PA circles is a potential ban by the government, which even it’s own talking heads acknowledge as a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’- despite the interest in this topic enormous misinformation and delusion exists surrounding it.
This is not a blackpill, if you are blackpilled by this it is because you are fundamentally unimaginative and romantically attached to comforts, priors, and a certain way of doing things which are an obsolete hinderence.
Speaking as a survivor this will be the most important thread I make, if you are reading this – no matter who you are, it may one day save your life. If I help save one life that is worth it. This is not melodrama, it is serious business I have lived through.
One more thing before I start – you too are ‘living through it’, processes beyond your knowledge or control are already happening now which will only be felt later. What is done is done, this is not about preventative measures but mitigating disastrous effects.
Article 1 – A Brief history of repression and establishing facts on the ground.

Section A: “I am 12 years old and what is this?”
The UK Terrorism Act (2000) gives the Home Secretary power by their own decree to proscribe any group as a Terrorist Organisation. It is subject to no judicial scrutiny or criticism, and no governmental or legal body needs to be consulted.
No evidence needs to be submitted and if evidence is submitted it does not need to be factual. On paper proscriptions are for groups ‘concerned in terrorism’, this does not require any suspected member of the group to be convicted of any terrorism offence or even a civil crime.
So just to be crystal clear – you live in a country where the Government can and has banned legitimate democratic organisations with no warning or legitimate pretext. As long as the legislation is written and gathering dust it can be pushed through any day.
Moves to ban organisations are not initiated by government institutions – instead the Home Secretary is lobbied by interest groups in closed proceedings hidden from the public. More often than not these are by representatives of foreign governments; Turkey, Israel, and the US.
This is sometimes done indirectly. In the UK the paywalled establishment media organ The Sunday Times has unique access to the government and actually helps it draft many of it’s laws. Once written the legislation may be taken to the HS by an innocuous sounding NGO.
When the HS announces an intention to ban, in theory it has to go through parliament but attendance is sparse and has never once been challenged or properly debated. In all you have days of warning to pack up your whole operation and otherwise adjust accordingly.
After the ban goes through there is a 20 day window to make an appeal. Good news if you are a multi-million pound international org with thousands of members and money all over the world like the SYF. Either that or you become one of John Bolton’s mates like the PMI.
If you are bunch of teenagers with no legal wherewithal who just wanted to protest/leaflet – bad luck, you have been slandered by your own government and lost quite literally ALL of your human rights without any form of recourse or right to legal process.
Furthermore the state has done something even worse – it has imposed on you an ideology which you do not believe in – the government has defined what your beliefs are for you and effectively signed them into law.
Oh lastly don’t expect this to be in any way acknowledged or looked into. Expect those who supported you when you were riding high to go silent, expect those who were silent when you were riding high to kick you very hard on the way down.
When it comes to all this terrorism stuff there is a tendency for people to stick their heads in the sand, not just in terms of barely glossing over media articles, but justifying what has happened and why in an effort to comfort themselves.
People do not want to face the reality that their freedom can be taken any time and that certain points of view are effectively outlawed. The implication would mean attempting to advance deeply held political aims in the only way they know how is futile.
Reality is more Iron Heel than Turner Diaries, more 1984 than Brave New World. We are witnessing the implementation of a new rigid class system where dissent from the masses is not only not part of the conversation, it is a securitized threat.
Section A: The UK system, from Magna Carta to “I have the gun, I make the rules”;
UK combines the worst aspects of Continental & Anglo systems which has a multiplication effect. Judiciary is extremely political, corrupt, institutionalised, unlimited in it’s powers.
The ‘legal test’ for any kind of state action you can bet your bottom dollar on, is argumentation and nothing more. Golden rule ‘If something can make it into a poorly cited tabloid article it is actionable’. Pretext and justification helps, but it is not essential.
The UK is the only country I am aware of which routinely and selectively prosecutes regular citizens, most no older than children, for perceived beliefs alone (not words or acts). Other countries will bend their legal code against large, organised political opponents…
… but the UK is the only country I am aware of which 1. Systematically targets isolated individuals 2. Has a ream of criminal offences on the books which are only crimes if it can be speculated you have the wrong opinions. I will go into this in great detail later.
European law looks repressive, but at least they are actually ‘laws’ which the state is limited to, they can’t always make it up as they go along. These countries have histories of fratricide, political instability, and state terror – ‘rule of law’ is often more robust.
By contrast Anglo legal systems, devised for societies more civilized and principled than the ones we live in are based on a trust easily abused. We all know how show trials and miscarriages of justice have occurred in the US, but they have a safety net of positive freedoms.
Section B: A brief history of modern counter terrorism policy. This is a story which begins with an organisation which gained prominence in the 90’s called Al-Muhajiroun and ends with an Orwellian hell scape which hunts 12 year olds talking over Telegram.
Al-Muhajiroun was a based and edgy as fuck group run by the eccentric memelord Omar Bakri. He would make wild and incendiary public statements and organise provocative public stunts. His second was a certain Anjem Choudary who would perfect this and take it to greater heights.
It is important to state the following – the UK has been dealing with modern terrorism for 100 years. Scruffy Labour backbenchers like Jeremy Corbyn could go on ‘IRA marches’ and edit a magazine which after the Brighton bombing joked “what do you call four dead Tories? A start!”
Despite this wave of senseless bombings and murder the civil liberties of Britons were not restricted. When Margaret Thatcher attempted to rescind the ‘political prisoner’ status of IRA convicts she was forced to restore it in all but name after the hunger strikes.
What was different about AM was that it not only outraged the public and came at the wrong time – they were seen as foreign, something alien, not a civil matter. The problem was many were British citizens and when we took their rights and freedoms we surrendered our own.
I know this is looking like a tangent, but the War on Terror years are essential for understanding exactly how freedoms that we take for granted were torn up and how a free society can descend so quickly into an unfree one.
The inability of the security services to prevent acts of terror, political pressure to be seen to be ‘doing something’, enormous souring of race relations, etc – led to greater demands from the media and establishment for a massive broadening of terror arrests and laws.
I will say that I first started seeing this in the late 00’s where young Muslims were increasingly having the Terrorism Act 2000 misapplied to them. I felt the cases were unjust and not in the public interest. Paintballing, PDFs, Banter, etc.
It was also painfully obvious at the time that these kind of human rights abuses would not be limited to just this one group, and would take minimal political effort to impose the same standards against other sections of the population the establishment did not like.
Anyway it is the late 00’s Anjem Choudary and his organisation ISLAM4UK, unphased by constant police harassment, and probably more provoked by it than anything else – staged an infamous stunt which essentially caused a working class whitelash in the form of the EDL.
Many have a cope that the EDL was a creation of bad actors to detract from the BNP. I will tell you this, thousands of entitled people on the streets and a far right party also gaining seats on the GLA and EU parliament – this terrified the establishment.
To them it looked like you had these two sides feeding into each other and that they were ‘allowing’ society to fall apart. In I think 2008 David Cameron infamously stated that the BNP was the moral equivilant of Al Queda – within two years this concept would become a Tory policy
When the conservatives took power one of the first things they did was pass the Equalities act – this effectively turned Britain into a totalitarian state. It meant that any individual employed by the state could be fired from their Job on the flimsiest of ideological grounds.
It started with the BNP teachers. Then it became un-PC comments made in the workplace, then it became use of social media, then it became ‘liking’ the wrong pages, then it became family members or spouses if they were not disavowed.
There is an important reason why civil institutions were not founded as political ones, political institutions like religious ones (where there is power) very quickly engender sociopathic narcissists who see the state of affairs as a pretext to enrich and empower themselves.
The banning of NA, the fallout, and the enormous consequences are a topic which I cannot fully cover – Long story short; mid 2016 a pro-remain member of parliament was brutally murdered – the fact it was by a reclusive motivated by Brexit didn’t matter, it was political gold.
The government decided that it would I quote “Ban a right wing group” - just any group, not in any way connected to the incident, just to send a message to the masses that they were displeased and do something they had wanted to do for a very long time.
Since 2010 the conservative response to legitimate allegations of state brutality, victimisation, racism, and persecution against Muslims was to extend these brutal practises to the wider population, specifically the w**** part of the population.
Ideally something demonised and hated by left wing opposition who previously hampered efforts to proscribe more suitable groups. ALF bombings/grave desecration of the early 00’s being the most obvious example.
If you are falling asleep this is where you have to start paying attention. Since 2016 no less than 5 ‘right wing’ organisations have been arbitrarily proscribed by the government, in some cases years after they already disbanded and it’s members in some stage of criminal justice
Last year the government banned the FKD – a telegram chat started by 13 year old Estonian as a terror org. Others in this chatgroup not much older – all from different countries, no evidence any of them ever met, they never organised, or did anything.
In the space of 15-20 years counter-terrorism has gone from combatting international networks of extremely violent armed men by restricting their ability to fundraise, safehouse, etc - to an active witch-hunt against belief itself which clouds with suspicion the entire population
The jobs and careers of many thousands of people; secret police, prevent officers, derad, NGOs, journalists, academics, ministers, prosecutors, prison industrial complex – all depend on, and are all invested in the perpetuation of lies. It is a cancer which can only grow.
A small ostensibly ideological minority, say 10%, see the torture and imprisonment of half the country as socially and morally acceptable. The organs of power; politics, media, police, security, NGOs, etc, are all in lockstep with the neo-bourgeoisie.
They disguise the advancement of their interests and self enrichment through a kind of astroturfed ochlocracy - hysterical outrage culture which brands citizens as terrorists. There is no room for dissent, oversight, dialouge, investigation or criticism of this process.
You have to imagine the witchfinder general having full access to your browser history, a Joseph Stalin with the power to listen in on your conversations and track you in real time. A deadly cocktail. This is what you are dealing with and there has never been anything like it.
The point is this – the United Kingdom is an evil shithole country, run top to bottom by evil shithole people. None of them have any moral compunction about engaging in the most depraved acts of cynical cruelty. Their actions reflect this.
Article 2. Section A, What is #patrioticalternative? Founded in 2019 – a sleek youth/alt-right oriented National Socialist org with a large umbrella/influence into the wider dissident right community. It is literally doing mid 00’s WN like the last 10 years didn’t even happen.
Patriotic alternative cut it’s teeth by pushing anti-Semitism on Tommytards to great success – and generally speaking going well out of their way to alarm and piss off certain organisations which have the direct ear of the government.
Despite it’s rapid rise and stunts it receives minimal coverage. I believe home affairs writers across all papers, are being directed by the RICU to stay silent. They want it so that when SHTF the only news articles which anybody can find will be ones concerning terrorism....
... as opposed to say, leafletting, canvassing, the kind of activities people associate more with 'living in a democracy' than being the literal and legally punishable equivilant of ISIS.
Only the other month I noticed an article about PA in South Wales, it was heavily detailed with dozens of mined quotes only obtained by watching days of livestreams. They are watching everything, pooling their research, and are just waiting for the right time.
The tragedy of PA is that it was formed from a pre-existing mileau which though low energy was large and adapted to circumstances. The UK ‘alt-right’ scene was born at the very moment when protestors were wiped off the streets like bugs and organising was very dangerous.
You had an informal community based around entryism, groyping, podcasts, servers, local initiatives, music, documentaries – all either socially acceptable activity or flying under the radar while being untraceable. What could have been...
Section B, Challenges in the 2020’s. Times have changed since 2016 – back then shared image board culture and humour was like a secret language which allowed people to establish immediate trust. Now it is impossible to know who you are speaking to and there is widespread paranoia
Since 2017 members of the exploding CVE community have dedicated themselves to deciphering and understanding modern youth culture and imageboard parlance. They are paid to scroll sites like 4chan 8 hours a day and report on cultural trends to their colleagues in real time.
Political violence is still out of control – the attackers know that it is sanctioned by the state and that if their victims have any sense they won’t go to the police who will be far far more interested in them. This is true.
Not that PA bother to do real vetting – pay your ticket online, turn up, no questions asked. No security to remove phones, use body scanners, or knowledge about hidden cameras. No rules preventing communication between regions. They are already full of journos and feds.
The primary tool PA use is Telegram, a meaty closed source app which literally has a back door the government use and basically gives the names, numbers, and locations of all users in a chat should a single smart phone fall into the hands of the police.
PA telegram groups read like Siege chats. The streams and podcasts are full to the brim with legally actionable race hate which make me scream in the street. It is the kind of shit that landed Captain Scarlet (B&H) in prison, and that was all the way back in like 2007!
PA could honestly be destroyed just with the Public Order and Misuse of Communication Acts. Call it a hunch but the fact that arrests have been extremely limited tells me that the focus is not disruption, but something that is altogether much larger and sinister.
Though PA does not engage in protests reducing information gathering arrests. In 2017 the Prevent Duty came into effect. Public sector employees by law must refer any suspected dissident to the CTU. The endpoint of this processes allows for raids and a stream of intel.
Section C, Denial. PA representatives and spokesman have publicly reassured their supporters of a number of copes and ‘strategies’ which will save them from the same fate shared by…*checks notes* literally everyone who came before them.
‘Political Parties can’t be banned’. PA has been given the run around by the electoral commission but it is believed should they receive political party status this will make it harder to ban them. There are no provisions in the TA against banning registered political parties.
‘Safety in numbers’. One representative stated they could avoid prosecution “If there are like a hundred thousand of us and have so many friends … there would be too many to arrest” - no. Lets be clear – terror offences are mana from heaven to the police and judiciary…
We are talking about Britain where it is almost impossible to go to prison for an extended period if you are an ACTUAL criminal. The average teenager convicted of a very minor terror offence will ALWAYS get more time than say an armed robbery case.
The police routinely break up large criminal organisations. Last year on a single morning hundreds of people across the country were arrested. Trust me it is no problem for the state to arrest thousands of people and they don’t need to. State terror relies on being indiscriminate
The UK operates a prison system which at Cat B (political prisoner) level is mostly private. Many of the rich and powerful have considerable financial investments in these institutions including the husband of a certain former prime minister.
‘All we have to do is disavow – as long as we vocally distance ourselves from all violence and denounce it then…’

No. You can fill your website with any disclaimer you want, enforce the strictest standards on speech (including in private), believe in it all you want…
You can have your disavowals of some idiot published in the Sunday times within 24 hours, shout it from the rooftops – nobody cases, nobody gives a shit. The bourgeoisie can make up whatever lies they want about you and close ranks – there is nothing you can do about it.
‘we just need good cyber security’

There is no such thing as cyber security. If it appears on a screen it will be screencapped, if it can hear it is recording. Honestly safer using facebook, google chrome, etc – any weird software carries the implication of suspicion to morons.
The first membership trial in the UK was against a Muslim whose sole ‘crime’ was publicly sharing information on encryption and cyber security. He had autism and because he bought a gimmicky USB stick off amazon he was dubbed ‘the cufflink terrorist’ - given 8 years. Don't be him
If you have an encrypted device or folder it is a terrorism offence in and of itself NOT to provide the passcodes to the police. They do not need a superspecial 'court order' LMAO (Anglofolk)
‘that group before were just a bunch of r*tards’

Even if that was true, things were different. The playbook on retroactively prosecuting masses of people for having a pub lunch together hadn’t even been written yet. This time they will be ready.
As of last year undercover officers were given the licence to ‘commit crimes’. That means they can set up group chats, engage in funding activity, circulate illegal documents, and do gay ops – you hear about FBI entrapment in the states, imagine that but with hellish UK laws.
Let me be very clear – you don’t get to do the bit. You cannot be like “Hello we are the racism party, we are here to participate in democracy”, not happening, they don’t care if you have ‘good optics’ - you don’t, and even if you did they can twist reality as they see fit.
Article 3: – THE BAN. What will happen, what to do, Trials, Gulags, etc.

Section A: “S*** just hit the Fan, what do I do?”

Should SHTF the government fully expects you to rewire your entire brain – here are steps you can take to save your young adult life.
Step 1. You must not only comply with the law but be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Do not panic. Do not kill yourself, that is what they want. Stay calm. You are in for a loopy hell ride and there is no getting off.
As I said this is happening now – as you are reading it. Your fate may already well be sealed and you may have little control over the coming events.
A week ago you were a young man who emailed into the PA website, you met up with a rep, someone there puts up a sticker – you didn’t think twice about what happened. The ban happens. Life goes on. Months go by. Your door is smashed in you are arrested as accessory to stickering.
The sticker was inoffensive, and indeed nobody reported it as offensive, a public worker was obliged by law to hand to the police. You would never normally be charged, but because PA is now a proscribed group prosecutors know they can scare the shit out of the jury.
While this is going on they search your phone. They go to telegram. They find a shitpost chat called ‘Dad Dicks United’ with two PA mates consisting of a thousand deep fried pepes. This is all the evidence they need to charge you with membership of a terrorist organisation.
Somewhere out there another boy, friend of a friend of a friend, you never met or knew existed, who was never even in PA, he is running his mouth off because he has literal autism. He is arrested pressured into pleading guilty, and that is used against you.
You see you didn’t want any of this, your crime was making friends and now you are facing a serious terrorism charge. Don’t run – the system will not let you, it refuses to let you leave. you are stuck between two worlds – if you try to jump you will fall into hell.
Maybe the above describes you – maybe it doesn’t and you are just trying to sit it out until your innocence is confirmed by the state. No matter what - one day it will all be over. It will not happen overnight. The screams don’t stop though.
Step 2. Even it if is just in private channels, distance yourself from the organisation. It is like dumping somebody, make it very clear “let’s be friends, but nothing more”
Step 3. Assume everything you say or do is being recorded at all times and that there is nothing you can do. This is a golden rule. Look after yourself and help others do the same.
Personal friends that you do still talk to – try to talk like a normal human being. Paranoia is a liability. A lot of people fell afoul because their everyday conversations sounded like they expected them to be read out in a courtroom – the formality left a sinister impression.
Step 4. Cut all normal forms of communication. Stop using emails, messaging services, etc which were for any political purpose. If you are invited to a group chat leave it. Only speak with your personal friends and speak with them one on one.
Step 5. Stop meeting up with your friends, if there is a pub you liked to go to that is legally considered a ‘venue’.
Step 6. You are probably going to go a bit nuts and live in a state of mid-level anxiety. DO NOT go to a therapist, you will reveal that you are a badthink and the Prevent Duty obliges them by law to report you to the CTU and they can subpoena the therapist & request all notes.
You will also be arbitrarily put down as a ‘suicide risk’ denied a pen and paper during any potential incarceration which is something you absolutely depend upon for any potential defence should it come to that.
Step 7. Take the focus of your life away from any form of political activism, there are other things you can do; journalism, taking an interest in law, lifting, find a creative outlet. Your life and friend circle should already be diversified, get a hobby, find religion, etc.
Step 8. There is nothing you can do. Follow the above steps as I did and you will still have to watch everyone you ever loved be slowly tortured and murdered by the government.
Step 9. If the system is going to crucify you for ‘failing to distance yourself from your beliefs’, face it like a man. If your intentions and morals are purer than the ignorant and hateful forces against you then you have only exposed them for what they are.
Section B: The Gulags
The British Prison system is the worst in the western world. In more ways than one it worse than Russian prison systems. Cells flood and are infested with rats and cockroaches, there is nothing to do all day except suffer immense boredom. There is intense political persecution.
You may obtain the address of a prisoner through the find a prisoner page on the government website – ideally you need to know their full Name and date of birth. The email a prisoner program is a recommended third party service for actually writing to them.
Prior to Trial and sentencing – you may ask if they are OK, talk about the weather, family, innocuous news topics etc. you may send them money. After sentencing political prisoners in the UK have zero rights and are barely allowed to speak even to their close family.
Prison violence in the UK is entirely out of control and political prisoners (like in the gulags) have violence sanctioned against them by the authorities. You can absolutely guarantee at least 1/4 of those sent to prison will be stabbed, mutilated, or otherwise seriously injured
If political prisoners do not perform hardcore taqiyya and convince probation authorities that state violence has fundamentally altered their beliefs, they may potentially never leave prison. The government has also recently reintroduced indefinite sentencing.
Section C: The Trials

They will not come at first – they will leave it anywhere between 6 months and 3 years. When the arrests do come as many as half of those arrested and charged will not be former PA members – just randoms in the hope that they will crack and plead guilty.
These people are incredibly brutal and will immediately set about doing everything they can to psychologically destabilise you – they will arrest sexual partners and family, use embarrassing and irrelevant personal information as evidence.
if you are married your partner will be told to divorce you or threaten social services to take the children away.
I know a case – a guy with full blown aspurgers, he was approached DURING the trial by plaincloth police officers from his prison hospital to offer him a “plea deal” that if he "only admitted to being a member", the fact he didn't know he was would be considered.
His wife said he was diagnosed as having mental age of a 12 year old. The physical attack he suffered inflicted a ‘total mental break down’, and he did not have an appropriate adult present. This helped the conviction of no less than 8 people who affirmed their innocence.
They will raid not just where you live, but your family home, and they will take almost all of your possessions; Clothing, all books, all jewellery, documents, anything with a circuit board. Cops are thieves and being able to steal these items is considered a perk of the job.
Trials are not like in the movies where everyone gets their say, everything is hashed out, it is a transparent process, no – none of that. You will appear at a pre trial hearing – you will state your plea and will be spirited off until the trial begins in earnest.
First off the Judge sets all the rules – he decides what evidence both sides can introduce. If he wants to let the prosecution to bring in an ‘academic expert’ to talk about the holocaust and recycle poorly researched news articles for an entire month he will.
You will be forbidden by law from mentioning if any former colleague of yours has already been acquitted by a jury – while the prosecution can effectively build an entire case purely off the association you have with some random idiot who was pressured into pleading guilty.
Also all these shady as fuck vague laws that people will be prosecuted under – yeah, those are never defined or explained, that is always entirely up to the juries to decide.
Baffled semi-sentient juries will often seek guidance from the judge who will on the spot write his own law and invent the criteria by which the defendants can be convicted or acquitted. The entire process is quite literally a show trial.
Political trials in the UK are three month extravaganzas – this is intentional to manipulate jury selection and limit it to basically two types of people; people who work for the government and the unemployed. Ordinary people are not able to take that amount of time off work.
I have seen 100% white juries crack, stage a walkout, and convict four people they argued the day before were innocent because they ‘had to shield from covid’. This is the state of the average white person on a jury – to put it mildly they are not your friend.
By contrast I have seen a 10/12 black jury stick it to the prosecution twice because these are people who distrust authority and all their lives have had to read through the lines. Many make the mistake of demanding their legal representatives push for a whiter jury.
The media play a key role. It is rare if ever that a newspaper will report on any aspect of the defence. Jurors are told not to follow the trial in the media but inevitably they do and I feel there is an intentional attempt to hold the trial in the media rather than the courtroom
In the gallery are CTU officers will outside court shout and scream and bang their fists on the table to the assembled journalists telling them how to spin the trials and what to write while the trial is going on.
From day one you will be placed behind a Hannibal Lector glass screen where you will be forced to stand in silence while all the proceedings happen around you. You are bussed in from the prison every morning, scruffy, sleepless, shattered, exhausted.
Except when you are taking the stand you are not allowed to move or say a word – that is what your barrister is supposed to do – it will be he not you who will be trying to explain all the nuances of your meme folder and how your memes are being misrepresented.
Most defendants will only have a duty solicitor and a barrister they pulled out of their arse. It is unlikely they will visit you in prison to discuss your case. It is unlikely they care all that much or will even bother to understand the nuances of fringe youth culture.
The UK went from a relatively free society to a police state in the blink of an eye. Aside from specialised Islamic law firms almost nobody knows how defend these types of clients in these types of cases which are already, to put it in layman’s terms, an absolute shitshow
Most legal pressure their clients into not taking the stand. This is because the evidence by their standards appears sickeningly weak and because they don't understand the client and think he is going to say something offensive or mess up.
As I mentioned most defendants are by this point so scared, exhausted, and numbed by the process they are relieved to not give evidence - more often than cross examination is the only chance really which they had of being found innocent.
Oh by the way you pay for all this. If you have any money or had an OK job you must contribute to the costs of your own persecution. A 3 month trial can potentially land you in financial hell – I knew a man who took his life for these reasons, his crime was having BDP leaflets.
Article 4 - Principal types of charges. As mentioned earlier the way the terrorism act has been implemented concerns offences which only become crimes most of the time if the state perceives you to have an 'extremist ideology'.
Section A: Conspiracy to commit an Act of Terror. This will be most likely used against a gay opped PA member. When I see coverage of these cases there is an assumption that there HAS to be some kind of substantial evidence against the defendant or there had to be an actual plan.
No. These can be 100% speculative cases. All that is needed to get a prosecution is to establish that the defendant has a ‘terrorist ideology’ and that they have ‘made a decision in their own mind’ to do a terror based on some form of, usually written, circumstantial evidence.
The legal test for this is almost non existent. No targets, no means, no viability assessment, no circumstantial evidence needed – and no consideration is made for whether something is said as a joke or the relative youth/immaturity of the defendant.
The other year it was widely reported that a young boy, 14 at the time had been convicted and given 7 years. The entire evidence for the case consisted of what he claimed was a ‘joke’ biro manuscript with sections like GUNS I WANT and TARGETS – POST OFFICES – you get the idea.
Section B: possessing a document likely to be useful to someone preparing an act of terror. Key word here is ‘likely to be useful’. If you are a normal member of the public you can walk into a waterstones and buy the anarchists cookbook 100% legally.
If you are a horrible shitlord who has what the state determines to be a ‘violent ideology’ then it intrinsically becomes a crime. Makes total sense right?

The question is - how many people even know that? Do they teach kids in schools?
I shouldn’t need to say this but if you have assault PDF’s because you think they are cool, 'I want to be a crime writer one day' just get rid of them. Also even viewing it online is a crime. Don’t download something or click links just because you have seen it. Be real careful.
Section C: Membership of a Proscribed Organisation. This I have already spoken at length about –You are guilty of it if you are ‘advancing the aims of a proscribed organisation’ aka engaging in the public square/democratic process, but it is really woolly and arbitrarily enforced
Section D: Encouraging an act of terror. Basically if you draw a cartoon of a member of the establishment or a policeman or whatever being in any way harmed then that is ‘encouraging an act of terror’ - sending it to someone is also considered ‘sharing a terrorist article’.
This is of course very confusing because leftists are allowed to routinely do this, if you want an example search “Kill tory scum”. Violent anti-police imagery is ubiquitous in society – but not considered actionable unless you have a terrorist ideology yadda yadda yadda
Section E: there others. ‘Funding terrorism’ includes concerned parents sending a pittence to their son who went to fight against ISIS and had the misfortune of passing through a PKK training camp (convicted by cu*k juries, this is what you are up against).
Basically the entire terrorism act is a gross violation of human rights and exists only for gross misapplication. the Murder act, Explosives act, Drills act, etc cover all aspects of ACTUAL terrorism so far as that word has any meaning. We were never asked etc...
Article 5. Conclusion and Further points:
Section A: The government is going to ban PA and there is sod all you can do about it.
Section B: I am taking a risk but I am morally obliged to offer optimism. How we get out of this hell is an enormous topic I cannot possibly cover in depth here, but I will give you the broad strokes.
10 years ago I saw where society was heading and that woke capital, outrage culture, and hysteria would be the cover through which a new class system based on naked exploitation would be established. This had to be opposed through unconventional means.
Directly confronted, it ultimately mattered not whether the government was forced to legislate freedom or tyranny – both represent progress and an acceleration of the historical process. Both allow genuinely serious thought to begin – previously a waste of time – now necessary.
The entire apparatus of the state has now been fully geared against a cartoon depiction of certain ideological communities it cannot assimilate and needs to exist as enemies – to do so they have had to deny not only the legitimacy, but the existence of the underlying grievances.
Everyone’s lies catch up with them in the end and the limit to the deception is that grievances because they are able to be reframed, can be separated – combined with the grievances of others in a way which directly contradicts the assumptions which underpin the system.
We all know that the establishment of a ‘pluralistic society’ where incentives are provided for different groups to attack each other in ways which benefit the establishment, was a deliberate divide and rule strategy which allowed for greater exploitation. Pretences dropped.
This overreach is visible in a number of ways; how people in positions of privilege and power quickly adopt and drop narrative, the language of power, at will for what are clearly their own ends. These are now so clear that even the helotic masses are capable of recognising it.
In laymans terms, people in power do what they think that they can get away with – the pretext for action will always be the flimsiest because they get the most out of it. This depends on a D&C strategy which is undermined by their actions, which directly facilitate opposition.
The organs of power have been seized by a hostile social class, civic institutions no longer exist. though the ideology is just a cover, it is defined by ideology and this ideology has been self radicalising at a rapid rate.
Whether they know it or not levels of polarization have been entrenched across western democracies which have not existed for at least a hundred years - arguably not since the wars of religion. This must cut a course.
I have been enormously encouraged by the shift in tone and argument by a number of dissident commentators. Syncretic outbreaks which would have been unthinkable only a decade ago are constant. Everything is happening naturally and going according to plan.
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