26) Continuing from the first 25 points thread here: https://twitter.com/BullishAngel/status/1347589189504741376?s=20

$SKLZ is valued at $8.2B (it's up since It's IPO), so it's over 40X 2020 estimated revenue.

Not cheap, but also not expensive IMO considering how much growth potential there is and how early they...
27) ... are in this space with the ability to be super disruptive.

CEO of $SKLZ says the company could be profitable now, but are pouring all revenue back into growth...
28) ... When you think of all the unicorns out there, this is what they did to achieve their status. I like this.

And the #SKILLZ IPO has refilled the coffers with over $200M to grow like hell.
29) User acquisition cost is recovered after 4 months, with an LTV of 3+ years.
30) The Bad: IMO, the $SKLZ mobile app could use work .

That's my one gripe so far. The UI was clunky for an app in 2021.

Creating an account, the password field would be covered up by the keyboard -- small weird stuff that I'd expect an $8B esports co. to have squashed.

I've read they are expanding into India sometime 2021.

Big population there, so let's see what comes of that.

India is a tough nut to crack, and I haven't looked into the regulations there -- but if they are ...
32) ... expanding into the market, then their team obviously sees something there. I do know that many of angel investments are in emerging markets, with India being up at the top.
33) Since a public company like $GLUU has 5X the monthly active users (14M), it may only take one large publishers to launch their games on #skillz to see them jump past GLUU.

Imagine a game like Fortnite being available to bet on.

A single game can be a game changer.
34) The Opportunity is massive. $SKLZ can add different types of games, add new platforms, partner with companies (think Peloton if you could compete for fitness goals).
35) $SKLZ doesn't offer real-time two person multiplayer games or MMO's, but you know this will be coming. And when it does, Boom! Game-over... hopefully you own the stock before then.
36) Since $SKLZ is focusing on growth, massive monetization will come later.

Being an esport company, they can pull revenue from many places: Betting, Brand sponsorships, advertising, content distribution, physical products, and more...
37) ... Imagine if in the future, if viewers can place bets on players of an MMO and watch games live on $SKLZ? The additional revenue streams are countless.
38) The NFL has made an investment in #skillz that may lead to deals between the two companies, although nothing has been announced.

The NFL has signed a licensing deal with the makers of Fortnite. Perhaps they can open doors for introductions to larger gaming companies?
39) ARK Innovation ( $ARKK ), the very popular tech fund by Cathie Woods, invested in $SKLZ last week.

That says something right there.

They are typically early adopters of tech companies that blow up in a good way (ex: TESLA.)
40) The CEO of $SKLZ estimates future revenue for 2022 to be $550 Million, pushing them nearly 3X higher than their 2020 numbers. And he says those are conservative numbers, not accounting for revenue from initiatives like the India expansion.
41) I feel $SKLZ could 5X over the next 2 to 3 years if management gets things right.

Perhaps a $100 Billion company within 5 year (12X from here.) I'd normally push this to 10 years, but I think the adoption phase of innovative online tech is moving very fast these ...
42) ... days. 5 years ago, #Bitcoin was $400, and today it is $40,000, a 100X increase.

Less than 2 years ago, $TSLA was $37 (split adjusted) and today it's over $800.

And 5 years ago, I didn't know a single person who drove a #TESLA.

5 Years ago ...
43) ... nobody was using #Robinhood.

5 years ago, you couldn't get an #Uber in many cities in the USA, and almost nowhere else in the world.

What I am saying here is, 5 years is a long time in the tech world.
44) I'll end it here and ask you to do your own due diligence. This isn't financial advice. For me, there's a slight dip today on $SKLZ, so I just invested $300K.
** I just posted another due diligence report on why $ROKU is NOT a hardware manufacturer (kinda-sorta).

This stock is going to blow up IMO!

See it here: https://twitter.com/BullishAngel/status/1349082856971186177?s=20
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