Premier Ford says yesterday more than 15 thousand people were vaccinated but are running out of vaccines. He says if Federal Government doesn't get more to the province hospitals will now have to start cancelling vaccination appointments. #covid19
As Ford speaks the government releases data showing there are 4,249 new #covid19 cases reported today - however approx 450 are from a data upload. That still means 3,799 new cases - another new high.
"The Prime Minister is working his back off" Premier Ford re Justin Trudeau. "Please approve Astra Zeneca" Ford says to Health Canada, noting other countries already have. #covid19
Premier Ford says modelling will be released early next wk so people in Ontario will see how serious situation is (but no new measures announced today) He says it will be a "wake up call, a real wake up call." Adds if there isn't cooperation from people will get out of hand.
The Premier says further measures are coming.
Assoc Medical Officer of Health calls today's numbers "scary" #covid19
Assoc Medical Officer of Health Dr Yaffe says Ontario has been lucky so far with UK variant which she says is 56% more contagious, notes only 6 cases so far but says there is variant in South Africa as well.
Dr Yaffe says more serious measures need to be considered, similar to spring. She doesn't want to see morgues overwhelmed (2 already are in Ontario) #covid19
"We have to hang in there until April" Premier Ford warns next few months will be tough until vaccines can be administered to general population at a pace of 160k a day
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