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There are good reasons to not birth children and Anti-natalism is not one of them.
You have no faith in God, you suddenly don’t feel special anymore, the universe is indifferent and doesn’t revolve around you, life is “pain” (which is figure of speech),
So now you want humanity to coward it’s way to extinction simply because your skewed sense of morality predicated on your fear makes you perceive your own existence as a threat??

Lol, Having the correct premises is just as important as coming to a logical conclusion.
You “empathy” for the unborn is non-existent, you’re only driven by your negativity and a lack of understanding of the implications of your premise that death is a crime nature commits.

Lol, don’t make me laugh at your ignorance, that would be dark humor.
Was there ever a sign saying you’d live forever?? Are you white blood cells for decoration, does your body heal for fun??? Do you think your problem solving skills are null??

You are no better than your ancestors who had lived in worse conditions but MADE THINGS WORK!!
Don’t be a coward and don’t think cowardice is noble, it’s something you learned form your shitty philosophy.

If life wasn’t worth living, you wouldn’t be here.

Who said you’re supposed to live forever, who told you survival is the goal??
Survival shows success of a specie! Survival is for the brave and strong willed. Survival is for those willing to put in the work.

Childbirth is not a matter of philosophy, it’s f**king biology.

It makes sense that we exist, it’s a consequence of conditions that favor life!
The only reason predatory instinct exists is because of scarcity of resources! Not because it’s was necessary in the first place!!

Your sense of pain is only an indication that you may have sustained damage and you should attend to it! So you drop dead from it.

Don’t be lazy.
You assume the efforts of good parenting will not suffice to raise a healthy adult, you lack faith in humanity, that’s your philosophy.

Parenting isn’t selfish, it’s hard work and sacrifice, it’s dedication and commitment, it’s love and care, don’t f**king devalue it.
How can you claim that pregnancy and labor is selfish?? how can you claim that protection and provision is selfish?? Don’t fool yourself in believing your nonsense.

The only selfish person I see here is you.
Consumed by your own pain you deem others, even the unborn unfit to survive, you claim self righteousness and preach your own morality that has it’s f**king roots in your own experience. How is that not selfish, putting yourself before others???
If anything, the formation of the baby is ENTIRELY coordinated by f**king GENETICS!!!

Not the parents, so blame nature if you must or else, STFU.

Childbirth is common amongst all mammals, if you’re so desperate go preach to the cows, BUT even them take care of their young.
You call the meticulously genetically coordinated change in the physiology of woman selfish??, how blind can you be not to see the baby FEEDS on her!!
Wanting a child is reasonably normal,
For whatever reason, it is based on instinct!!

Your problem is you think you’re smart enough to bypass our own biology, your political views and laws change nothing about biology, it remains the same.
Childbearing is as natural as eating, or yawning. Quite more complicated, but natural, don’t be fooled by your misguided emotions.

I appreciate your efforts but you’re tossing them to the wind.
Nobody is against adoption, in the hunter gatherer era, children were raised by the community, it was group effort, so caring for another’s child is not out of place,

However your claims of the immorality of childbirth is!! Stop it❗️❗️
Read your biology text books for once and stop blinding your self with the philosophy of dead MEN, they are not beyond error!!

If you so desire not to have kids, that’s on you.

If you can’t take on the responsibility, that’s on you!!
Being an adult is about taking responsibility, for yourself and others, including your own child!! How don’t you see that??

You’re blinded by pain that’s all, open the f**king window and see the f**king sunshine!!

Stop wallowing in your misery.
Be brave for once in your life!!!! Take responsibility and live!!

How can you talk about choice when it comes to the unborn??

We make choices in LIFE!!!!

If anyone is infringing, it’s you, denying “them” choice, which only exists in LIFE!!!!!
It took all of us to ruin the world, it will take all of us to fix it, including the unborn and the potential they bear the minute they start to exist!!

Don’t look down on humanity, I despise that!

Don’t be arrogant, that’s not admirable.
Life will take it course with or without,

If you lack the courage to face life squarely, your cowardice will eat you up.

Life is not a bed of roses even if it is roses have Thorns!!!

Life is a beautiful thing, open your eyes and see that.
Life has challenges, solving them is the reward!

Don’t look down on all of humanities efforts to combat itself own vices, don’t be blind. Even blind bats have youngsters,

Who you be???

If you won’t take responsibility, others will.

If you won’t live, others will.
You’re only promoting “f**k them kids” mentality and I will not tolerate that, if nobody will not stand up to you, I will. 🙂

You’re not better than others for not wanting kids.

Your anti-natalism practice has become your “religion” where everyone who disagrees is a sinner.
Children are beautiful but they are work, a lot of work!!!

Don’t devalue their existence and the efforts of those alive to protect them.

There’s no just reason to believe a child is unworthy of existence, NONE.

There no just reason to believe you are not worthy of existence.
I won’t force you to have kids but don’t spill your bullshit that is void of scientific background.

Biology to the world!!

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