Clearly, the networks knew he was a phony.
So why did media go out of its way to normalize a family that clearly specialized in fraud.
Investigative reporters had been documenting his shade for decades.
We know corporate media was making money, but would network execs really sell out democracy for cash.
I guess.
Even former Presidents told the country the election was illegitimate.
I do think it’s time for a full investigation into corporate media and its collaborative efforts in normalizing a crime family.
Trump’s manager was known for rehabbing the images of the world’s biggest scumbags, dictators, murderers. And yet, network media put him on air.
Anywhere you sniffed, dark money turned up.
Nothing short of a full investigation into why networks failed our country at its gravest hour will suffice.
Truth became the duty of Twitter activists. I know I’ve worked relentlessly.
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