I am going to say something wildly unpopular in my circles.

I've watched every video I can find of the Capitol Police shooting Trump supporter, Ashli Babbit.

It's a bad shooting.

3 police officers were behind her and should've stopped her themselves.

She was unarmed.
The great team @bellingcat has synchronized 4 known videos of the shooting here. It also helped me to watch them individually. https://twitter.com/bellingcat/status/1347253404012261377
Ultimately, the officer who shot her, who I am told was protecting a vital, and final door leading to congresspeople, made a hard decision to shoot Ashli Babbit to get her, and others away from the door.

But she had armed police right behind her.

The shooting was avoidable.
It is true, that if the Capitol was stormed by ANYBODY other than white people that dead bodies of those who broke in would've been everywhere.

What's clear is that the whole security apparatus completely failed. That is an understatement honestly.
Ashli Babbit fucked up epically.

She literally broke into the US Capitol.
Broke through several doors.
And found her way to THE door that nobody was going to be allowed through.

She was warned, witnesses said on video.

Even with all of that, I don't like the shooting.
Lastly, as someone who works every day, including today, with the families of victims of police violence, I simply refuse to celebrate the murder of Ashli Babbit.

Even though I know she would never support me, or any of the families I advocated for, I won't celebrate. Never that
As a rule, I don't believe in police shooting and killing unarmed people.

This is the standard AROUND THE WORLD.

Police in many countries have not shot and killed an unarmed person in decades.

My belief in this principle stands - even with my political enemies.
When legally armed Black people are shot and killed by police, we, rightfully so, express our anger at how little the NRA cares - i.e. Philando Castile.

I'm not that guy.

If police shoot an unarmed white person, I refuse to allow my anger at that person cause me to celebrate.
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