A new revelation for newcomers:
$ETH is going to $100,000 by 2025.

If you only have 10 #Ethereum, do not sell your future for a new car.

The endgame is taking a nap whenever you please. https://twitter.com/Tetranode/status/1315423347744759809

This was seven years ago, the beginning of my journey.
I bought a single #Bitcoin .
After reading SSS in 2014, I bought 10.

I created a cashout curve detailing what I will do with each fraction of a $BTC as price appreciates.
After getting 10, of course I had to hit 21.
After getting 21, the goal is 42.
After 42, move to 63.
After 63, 100.

Then the community refused to upgrade the blocksize to even 2MB so I said fuck you and left for #ethereum.
Ethereum's upgrades lined up this year and forward:

L2 Scaling ($SNX is the Guinea Pig in one week)
EIP-1559 (ETH becomes deflationary in traffic jams)
Phase1 Sharded Data Layer
Phase1+2 Merging
The Zeroing (PoW Issuance STOPS)
Phase 2 and Beyond
The endgame here is The Flippening.

No matter what the maxis on the other side is telling you, It's already happened in every metric save for MCap: node count, addressed, tx count, money settled... everything.
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