🔥🔥 FISA goes both ways.🔥🔥

I discovered that FISA requests stopped in 2017. Note the exact number of Modified and Denied requests 2016/2017. Approved FISA requests significantly dropped in 2017 from 2016. Why? Who was/is being protected?
🔥🔥 Justice Roberts appoints all FISA Court judges, who do not need Congressional approval. "The way the FISA is set up, it gives him unchecked authority to put judges on the court who feel the same way he does."
🔥🔥 Secrecy -Because of the sensitive nature of its business, the court is a "secret court" – its hearings are closed to the public.
🔥🔥 Composition - When the court was founded, it was composed of seven federal district judges appointed by the Chief Justice of the United States, each serving a seven-year term, with one judge being appointed each year.
🔥🔥 Current Membership.

💣Rudy Contreras - appointed May 2016....(DC Judge / initially on #Flem case....also signed off on FISA?)

💣Anthony Trenga - appointed May 2020...(ED Virginia Judge on Bijan Kian trial 2018-2019)
🔥🔥 The third Judge who fits the criteria of being within 20 miles of DC is James E. Boasberg. He was appointed in 2014, and his term will be up this May. Imagine that....Yale grad and former Skull and Bones member.
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