What to do if you decided you want to start taking antifascism seriously yesterday but have no idea where to start: A Thread
1) Go to Sprout DIstro for free zines to educate yourself
2)Purchase: bao feng radio, body armor or plate carrier and 2 level 3/4 plates, all-black tactical backpack, IFAK (individual first aid kit) black balaclava or hat to protect your identity, tactical gloves, faraday bag
Yeah, no one said being an antifascist was cheap so welcome to that reality.
3) Learn what the phrase "OSINT" means
4) Lock down your social media profiles immediately
5) Find public antifascist channels on apps like Telegram (you'll have to figure this one out yourself) to connect with likeminded people
6) Purchase a respirator with filters, purchase sealed goggles/eye protection (another break for shopping) and a helmet -- black when possible.
7) Start deciding where your skillset would be the most useful and set your boundaries/risk levels. Don't feel embarrassed if you aren't willing to risk physical injury. We all have different risk levels and that's OK! Note, however, that you will more than likely be arrested
8) Top types of antifascist action include: mutual aid, doxxing/OSINT, direct action, shield lines, comms, writing anonymous statements about actions/events, couting, being a medic, and donating money to antifascist orgs in addition to the above.
9) Understand that, for the most part, antifascist action organizes without hierarchy. Though we aren't all anarchists, and you don't have to be to be an antifascist, most are. Don't worry - while there are always kinks to work out, non-hierarchical actions do work!
10) This means there will inevitably be disagreements and sometimes petty drama. Sometimes, discussions can go on for WAY too long. Everyone else is just as annoyed by this as you are and we all hate it. Don't be contrarian just because you want things "your way." COMPROMISE.
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