By popular demand, here is the official Mystery Grove Film Recommendations list. Watch all of these in order if you want to truly understand the world we live in today.
Miami Blues (1990) is a deep-fried noir about a handsome psychopath who steals an detective's badge and goes on a robbery spree through the South Florida criminal underworld. One of the hidden gems of reactionary cinema.
The Duellists (1978) follows two rival French officers through the Napoleonic Wars. A minor insult sets off a decades-long series of duels between the men, neither willing to abandoned his honor.
Excalibur (1981) condenses several Arthurian legends into a single spectacular epic. One of the most hypnotic and visionary films of all time.
Barcelona (1994) is a wonderful comedy that follows two estranged cousins, one an insecure businessman and the other a boorish naval officer, who reunite in Barcelona for a series of misadventures. Great reflection on family, romance, and getting older.
Nightfall (1956) tells the story of an artist framed and left for dead by bank robbers. With the help of his model girlfriend, he must elude both police and the criminals while hunting for a hidden fortune.
Andrei Rublev (1966) follows the Russian icon painter through decades of struggle, showing how a man who came from one of the bleakest times in human history could end up creating art that still inspires today. One of the best films on religion.
Sorcerer (1977) is a slick and mean-spirited thriller about four desperate men hired to drive highly unstable explosives to an oil well deep in the jungle.
The King (2019) is a modern retelling of the rise of Henry V. Very cool fight scenes and refreshing take on a familiar story.
Point Break (1991) is a sprawling action epic about an FBI agent who goes undercover to hunt down a gang of surfers funding their free-spirited lifestyle through bank robbery.
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973) tells the story of two legendary outlaws in the last days of the Old West. The bodies stack up as one tries to buy his freedom with the other's life.
First Man (2018) is one of the most criminally underrated films of all time. This retelling of Neil Armstrong's journey to his historic moonwalk is an ode to American masculinity.

Headline of the Harvard Crimson's review: "In ‘First Man,’ Triumph for White Male Dreams"
Legionnaire (1998) is a pulp action classic following a boxer who is forced to enlist in the legionary French Foreign Legion after accidentally killing a mobster.
The Lady Eve (1941) an extremely funny romantic comedy about a beautiful card shark trying to seduce a bumbling millionaire. I cannot recommend this (and Preston Sturges's other films) enough. Great banter and sight gags.
Russian Ark (2002) follows a ghost and his long-dead aristocrat companion through the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, bouncing through several hundred years of shared history and culture. Innovative and beautiful; shot in a single take.
Total Recall (1990) is a muscular sci-fi masterpiece about a construction worker who finds himself wrapped up in a massive conspiracy after paying for memories of a dream vacation to Mars. Please watch this, Zoomers.
The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) follows a small time New England crook as he scrambles to betray enough of his criminal associates to secure a reduced sentence. As gritty as a crime thriller can get.
Master and Commander is the king of naval combat movies. Tracks a British warship hunting and being hunted by a much more powerful French vessel at the height of the Napoleonic Wars. Infinitely rewatchable.
Брат (Brother) follows a recently-discharged Russian conscript as he moves to the big city in Yeltsin-era Russia to follow his hitman brother. Great gangster movie that's very relevant today.
Брат 2 (2000) picks up immediately where the first film left off, with the conscript and his brother embarking on a twisted adventure to the South side of Chicago. Deals with the diaspora experience and finding your place in the world.
Maverick (1994) is a great western comedy starring Mel Gibson as a fast-talking and cowardly gambler trying to scrape together enough money to enter a once-in-a-lifetime poker tournament. Made by the Lethal Weapon crew.
Das Boot (1981) follows a German U-boat in the closing stages of WW2. Realistic (an actual U-boat "Ace" served as a technical advisor) and moving film about brotherhood in times of extreme hardship. Watch the Director's Cut.
To Live and Die in L.A. (1984) is an ultra-stylish thriller about two Secret Service agents who go rogue to take down the counterfeiter who murdered their mentor. Pitch black. Probably has the best car chase of all time.
In Sinister (2012) a desperate true-crime writer moves into a "murder house" and discovers a cache of snuff films. Manages to make an investigation extremely spooky.
Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) is about a good-hearted dockworker unable to fight in WW2 due to hayfever, but too ashamed to go home. He is befriended by a squad of recently-returned Marines, whose scheme to return him to his family without losing face quickly snowballs.
Proof of Life (2000) is an understated and realistic look at the Kidnapping & Ransom industry, following a specialist as he negotiates for the life of an American engineer taken hostage by South American guerillas. Old school thriller with excellent finale.
Inherent Vice (2017) is a beautiful and surreal detective comedy set in the last days of California's Hippie Era. Great filter to determine whether or not someone "gets it."
Under the Silver Lake (2019) is a pitch black conspiracy thriller set post-gentrification Los Angeles. Buried by the studio on release because of its message. Very relevant today.
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) is a near perfect action-comedy about a New York Transit Police captain who must negotiate with professional criminals who take a subway car full of people hostage and demand a $1 million ransom. Not a single wasted moment in the movie.
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