I was thinking about Y and CovFeFe and stumbled across an article. @elonmusk is “slashing” Model S for $69,420 and getting high as the firmament dome with a rocket. S is almost a full infinity symbol. An infinity symbol always passes through X. Model Y has a panoramic sunroof.
The rumour is that Trump is a 33 Mason? Perhaps the Scottish Stone of Destiny connection as the original freemasons were stone masons. 33 Hz frequency of a pyramid is Christ consciousness too. Put 33 together so they face each other and you get 88. Two infinities or two worlds.
Notice in that diagram, Von Braun (SS) is mentioned. (SecretService Naaazii). Interesting right? Something to note as I posted about Elon University earlier (has Falcon 63 Mascot) and the 1950s Mars Project was called ELON. Prophecy defined by LOOKing through the glass future?
This all started when I was thinking about Trump talking about Y this year (so I thought about @elonmusk, Model S and Y and his Falcon 9 Rockets). I see his 69 “slash” deal on Model S hinting at ying-yang themes, or 3-6-9 which Nikola Tesla is famous for. Dark to Light, 5:5.
Again, I looked up CovFeFe because it is quantum and structured as a Y, it led me down and interesting rabbit hole. Note the circular diagram and picture this as our firmament and the top of the arc — possibly the “x” connecting point between O and O which is X (Qx).
I attached those pics to recap prior posts. But today I found something else when I looked up CovFeFe — and I didn’t understand how I got on this extremely interesting blog. However it caught my attention because of the three circles (trinity). https://transdimensional.wordpress.com/2017/05/31/covfefe-covfefe/
Remember those three circles appear on the Scottish Rite throne from the 1400s which holds the Stone of Destiny. If you go on my thread or link in my bio you can find all these previous threads.
Back to this blog. I was so intrigued by the knight on the horse that I tried to figure out where it came from and accidentally found out about this clock in Barcelona. Note the 4 semi circles around a circle. The replica WH key Trump showcased was 4 half circles around a square.
Did he show us the whitehouse key because it was correct or incorrect is the question? (See president Harry S Truman - Truman Show). Possibly another lie about opposites. Remember Poseidon on the mantle with his trident and he is the god of the seas and firmament.
So that Barcelona clock was interesting as you can see from things written in the article below, especially because of the 77’s, 22, aquarium, sharks and Royal Shipyards. Ancient Barcelona reminds me of Atlantis and Little Mermaid themes. What other clocks were built in 77?
Perhaps it’s a time travel thing. I know Q, Yellow and Quebec also have something to do with Melania and Ivanka Trump blogs about time travel too, that which I posted that PDF in my QPatriots Telegram group a few months ago.
Side bar note, when looking at a few pictures of architecture, statues, and art in Barcelona, I found this beautiful picture which reminded me of under the sea myths (“watch the water”) — and also a disturbing figure in the shape of a Y. Let your mind wander on that one…?
So back to the blog which I discovered when looking up CovFeFe. What really got my attention about was “aliens amongst us” and time travel. Is this image a 24 hour clock or the dial around our firmament? The cosmic equator BELT is the AQUATor. Ha ha, yes, “Buckle UP” George!
So back to the knight on the horse, in a square, 4 corners, 24 elements around the circle with the sea waves at his feet. The knight’s armour looks a bit like he’s 20,000 leagues under the sea fighting for justice (Justice League). But also 3-6-9! The knight is 9 (9ight).
This knight is St. George! Yet there is also adaptions over the ages of him with dragons and sometimes sea serpents. Is there a connection between themes with Noah’s Ark and St. George? This quick search for “Noah St. George” returned some interesting top page results!
PAC Man? I never thought of it that way. I’ll leave that one out for now, but it sure shines the “spotlight” on the firmament when you think about PAC Man’s mouth. Anyway, the blog talks about “Biscuit”... as in SeaBiscuit?
I know it’s old news for some of you. But I think some extra dots are connected (3 of them to be exact), when connecting St. George, the firmament, Noah’s Arc, and quantum CovFeFe to mix. Tesla, Canada’s Flag, the North Pole and SeaBiscuit’s logo, are all Templar red and white.
You have to have fun with it all and just observe... 33 on 3M Scotch? Trump is SCOTish. His crown-like signature has an M. He forms a “V” with his hands. But when you think of “spear” (Poseidon, Tri-DENT, DENT-tyne, or Skakespeare) there is no coincidences.
What is that a line in an H or “White House”? Is it a BRIDGE between two platforms? The PLATFORM our earth sits on? The “arc” bridge? I left the room to do a bit more digging and what I found blew my mind some more! Stay with me!
All so epic! Thankyou @FLOTUS 🙏🏻 See the bridges?! The car is red and white, and the Christmas ball beside it looks like the color of Mars. Those planes in the reflection look like a portal to another world (glass dome). All colors are intentional! 5:5
Did they “Burn a bridge?” The thick white section behind the Tesla is the firmament between worlds or the “matrix” portal. But is he the Starman? So that means “sun” or “son”. He sure looks more like JFK everyday!
Those articles mentioned David Bowie’s Starman lyrics in the editorial. So here it is... all I can say is every day my mind is blown more and I love it! Blow me away with the red pills! Ivanka agrees too!
Well I guess one good team is white and red (makes pink) and another is black and red (makes Mars lol). But Neo or Elon have something going on with Superman (and Spider-Man):

Elon Reeve Musk
Christopher Reeves
Keanu Reeves
But also John and Jack as per Keanu Reeves and Cyperpunk77! Keanu has played John/Jack roles in around 30 movies! And Elon Musk (SR as in Sr.) is Tony STARk.
Well Jur-USA-Lem was in Switzerland (white and Red Cross) before Africa IMO atm, but Canada is also red and white like JaPAN, DenMARK and GEORGIA. POKE-a-dots make are for punching glass. Plenty of Pamela and RN clues this year. Wonder what’s to come? Black, red and white...
Black, white and red... firmament and glass... Tesla is Red and White, Elon is Black and Red? Why am I telling you this? It helps define who the clues match with as colour is always very important.
I have some new firmament pictures and “2 worlds” themes to leave before I go! Hear is the top of the FUHRMANN (firmament?) and how interesting, there is also a GIRAFFE near this checkered bridge over the ARCh and the AQUATor.
The Tesla torus energy field, the firmament and Nikola Tesla coils with two flat worlds? Separated by a worm whole? North and Poles? Stairway to heaven?
Upper Universe (world/earth/5D/5G) and Lower Universe (world/earth/3D/3G) through the yellow brick road perhaps? Well, if we’re supposed to go there, I’m sure Elon Musk, the Brick and Lego Man will get us there.
Operation Fishbowl! Breaking the glass ceiling!
Unsuspecting plane flies too high? Our world always reflects the truth, whatever we project comes back to us doesn’t it? If anything, deep inside — you know when something isn’t right.
Measurements for when the “sky is the limit”, corny themes (Corona), three heavens (we three kings, or stars/suns, and one king of kings?), and a picture that came to mind when I thought of PAC Man.
Two sunny dogs appear with the sun? Why did we see them this year? Maybe because some really nice people that are looking out for us cleaned up the sky and got rid of the junk? Drowned out some rats or something... always believe in miracles.
Mans best friend R dogs. And so is Good Friday in the case of Jr.
Wow so cool! Maybe Mars was once an earth? Maybe we can resuscitate it? Well we need to go there warp speed! Because Trump said so. That’s Y.
So what’s the fastest way to get there?! These are excellent illustrations! Hard to find good ones that explain simply. 🥰😍 Look into Elon Musk Hyperloop. That grid looks like tracks for a train! Almost like checkered bricks!
I think this is the bridge to get to Mars…
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