Vaccine concerns I've overheard

1) "I'm allergic to peanuts and eggs"

Fact: You can still get the vaccine

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2) "I'm a smoker, I'm scared to get the vaccine"

Fact: COVID would be worse for your smoker lungs than anything else. Get the vaccine Also, quit smoking.

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3) "I don't what to be a guinea pig, I think I'll wait"

Fact: > 73k people received the vaccine during the @pfizer and @moderna_tx trials. Millions have received their 1st dose since. You're not a guinea pig

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4) "I already had COVID, I don't need the vaccine. It might even be dangerous."

Fact: Even if you had COVID, it's SAFE to get the vaccine. Also, it appears immunity conferred by the vaccine > immunity from natural infection

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5) "mRNA technology is new, I don't think its safe."

Fact: mRNA vaccines have been researched for > 10 years and are held to the EXACT same standards by the FDA as other vaccines.

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6) "I'm young and healthy, I don't need the vaccine"

Fact: Even young people with asymptomatic infection may end up with cardiac issues down the road from COVID infection

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