1/ What made me change my mind about Bitcoin in favor of XRP.

A thread. 👇
2/ Let me start by saying this is not a "hate on Bitcoin" thread. I still hold some Bitcoin, though I've sold most of it in anticipation of buying the next XRP dip I believe is coming. It's a story of how FUD is preventing a lot of people from looking at XRP who otherwise would.
3/ I was introduced to Bitcoin after educating myself about the history of capitalism and finance, and why the current fiat system is failing badly. The world needs money that the gov't can't debase, that the market--and the market alone--should decide the value of.
4/ After reading numerous Bitcoin-maxi books, I started following the Twitter Bitcoin community. There were no leaders in the Bitcoin space that didn't view all other coins as "shitcoins". Everything I saw about other tech was always negative.
5/ I found this troubling, and so I started asking about other tech. I tend to be contrarian, and XRP was the "black sheep", so I started there. It soon became clear to me how superior XRP is when it comes to payments. But I realized a few other things as well.
6/ First, while most Bitcoin maxis claim to be "libertarian", if anyone said anything positive about any other crypto, or asked questions about Bitcoin's weaknesses, they were basically tossed out of the group. Does that sound like the "liberty" in "libertarian" to you?
7/ Bitcoin maxis' lack of real libertarianism became shockingly clear when Ripple was sued by the SEC. Now these "libertarians" who supposedly hated big gov't meddling and restriction were cheering for it.
8/ Second, Bitcoin maxis made claims about XRP that simply weren't true. For example, they claimed it wasn't decentralized, but even cursory research proved that wrong (only 4% of nodes are operated by Ripple).
9/ I came to believe that Bitcoin maxis hate banks b/c banks represent the current financial system. XRP works w/banks, so I figured they didn't hate XRP b/c of the tech, but because it was trying to solve the problems from within rather than taking over from without.
10/ However, that view began to change when the US gave banks the right to custody crypto and the maxis were cheering about this. But wait, I thought Bitcoin maxis hated banks?
11/ Last night's OCC announcement opening up US banks to blockchain was the final blow to my belief that Bitcoin maxis hated XRP b/c of the banks. They were all cheering that Bitcoin's day had come now that banks could use it. So much for hating the banks.
12/ I've finally come to believe that Bitcoin maxis are scared. Deep down they know Bitcoin fails as a payment system (too slow, too expensive), which means it can't be THE ONLY MONEY (which is their goal).
13/ Being unable to argue Bitcoin's merits as more than just a store of value, the maxis only have one option left: FUD. Unfortunately, because Bitcoin is the frontrunner right now, people researching crypto for the first time usually start with Bitcoin.
14/ And who are the loudest voices in the Bitcoin space that newcomers hear from first? The maxis. That means an immediate education of FUD against all other crypto, including (and especially) XRP.
15/ So even though XRP's superiority for payments is clear (transfers take 3 secs @ near $0), the FUD prevents a lot of people from looking into, and supporting, the superior tech for payments.
16/ I believe this will change once XRP finally gets regulatory clarity. If history teaches us anything, it's that people are quick to change their opinion when the new opinion makes them wealthier than the old one.
17/ To wrap up: I don't hate Bitcoin. It's dominant position makes it a great store of value asset, but it's terrible for payments. XRP is vastly superior for that, and that's why I believe it will win in that space.

Personally, I'm not a maxi for anything except humanity.
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