A short story re ventilators.

In his daily briefs, @DGHisham mentions #COVID19 cases that require ventilators.

A ventilator takes over the function of our lungs, pushing oxygen in & removing CO2.

Ventilators are needed when you can't breathe on your own. Historically, the first machines to be widely used to help patients breathe were for those with #polio

We don't see polio much anymore because of guess what? Vaccines.

The really bad #COVID19 cases require ventilators. Although it's a small percentage of the overall numbers, more & more patients will need it as the overall number of cases increase.

There might come a point when a patient needs a ventilator, and none are available.
Ventilators are also used for other diseases inc post-op patients. So when ventilators are used up for #COVID19 we won't have enough for other diseases.

Remember, heart attacks, cancer, surgical emergencies etc have not stopped just because there's a pandemic.
There are fixed numbers of ventilators in Malaysia. Each have to be manned by specialist nurses, drs etc.

Buying the machine alone is not enough - it's like a F1 car. You need the right team to make it run.
So when you look at the daily #COVID19 numbers, look a little closer at the ventilator numbers, bearing in mind that there is a fixed number in any particular location.

Then ask yourself what else you can do to #FlattenTheCurve
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