If Bezos did it we’d all get the vaccine in two days. https://twitter.com/eugenewei/status/1346276594038423553
Not even kidding. Amazon has the most sophisticated logistics infra in the world.

Give them, Doordash, and Uber a few billion dollars each of the printed money, put them in touch with vaccine makers & nurses, and stop any government officials from interfering in any way.
Btw, Amazon did acquire Pillpack for $1B, which they’re rebranding as Amazon Pharmacy.

So far they have lacked the (crucial) cold chain distribution mechanism — but they may be able to boot that up quickly if all regulatory blockades were removed. https://healthcareweekly.com/amazon-pharmacy/
You’d need a trained nurse to accompany driver to each destination if you did it delivery style.

Or you position the nurses at Amazon Pickup Locations, where vaccines are delivered in bulk and people arrive to get a shot.
Note that other countries like Israel and Taiwan appear to have a functional state, but the US doesn’t.

So this would be a vast improvement over the American status quo.
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