Reminder: There is no single person from a given culture who can give you blanket permission to take inspiration from it. You can only get one opinion out of a wide spectrum, bc cultures not being monoliths means there are inherent disagreements even within the group - (1/?)
Hell, even #ownvoices writers can't avoid controversy. So when you ask POC "how do I take inspiration from your culture respectfully?" That's...a really hard question to answer bc what 1 person thinks is respectful may not come across that way to others (2/?)
So you have to evaluate your intentions when asking POC questions like this. Are you looking for opinions, or are you looking to use their words as a shield against potential controversy? Bc you kind of have to accept the fact that there will almost certainly be controversy (3/?)
There is also absolutely no clear line between Respectful and Appropriation. Again, a WIDE range of opinions will inevitably exist.

This isn't a subtweet at anyone btw, I've just been getting a lot of questions on this topic and I found myself really struggling to answer them
So in conclusion, there are no concrete answers when it comes to taking inspirations from other cultures except "there are no concrete answers." POC writers especially can't help you THAT much when we're stressing about how our communities are gonna think of our own portrayals 😂
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