1/n A short story!

Many Islamists were baffled to read my tweets about Mecca being non-existent on maps till 9th century.

As first trait these morons started to google.

Many searched Wikipedia & found Mecca’s 741 AD, reference linked to @holland_tom ‘s book.
2/n But lunatics cared neither to either follow my talk in subject nor read @holland_tom ‘s book wherein he too has mentioned references well.

This point of Mecca being mentioned formally in 741 first got accentuated by Patricia Crone.
3/n She has taken the source of linguistics to prove how assuming that Ptolemy mentioning “Macoraba”as Mecca is absolutely wrong.

Yes, she also has explained other reasons why Macoraba can’t be considered Mecca at all.
4/n According to Crone if Ptolemy mentions Mecca at all, he calls it Moka, a town in Arabia Petraea.

One needs to know Crone was expert of 15 archaic language & refuting her is not a kid’s job.
N/n Islamists rely on google to rebut even such important claims.

They need to begin reading books than relying solely on google searches.

Yes, in my last talk, I quoted “Hoyland” not “Holland”.

That’s a short story of poor Islamists.
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